Sunday, August 27, 2017

Tobermory Trip 2017

Canada has the most beautiful National Parks in the world. It is beautiful not just because they have beautiful nature (in fact Allah created the natural world all of them beautifully) its because they takes care of them very well. 

Madiha and I along with a bunch of young friends take a day trip to one of Ontario famous national parks Tobermory at the Bruce Peninsula. This place is almost 3 and half hour away up north overlooking one of the great lakes of North America Lake Huron. 

We went early in the morning and comes home at night. 

Upon arriving at tobermory we took a boat to Flower Pot Island, one of the many beautiful island around this area.

The boat ride took us about 30 minutes. In between we were taken to view shipwreck down in the water. 

We were able to do this because of clear clean water of the lake. 

Look at this beautiful scenery along the lake.

Many lighthouse at each island.

Madiha and I on the boat.

Then we arrive at flower pot island. The island is call flower pot because of this natural stone structure in the island that looks like flower pot.

There are 2 flower pot stone structure in this island. One is bigger than the other. Look at the beautiful clear water. Its aquamarine blue.

We set our picnic mat here and started to eat, bath, walk along the lake, play with the water and take pictures.

All around us is beautiful clear sky, clear blue see through aquamarine water, great weather and fresh water that is great to bath in except that its a bit chilly. The nature here is simply breathtaking. 

Let the picture do the talking. But of course the picture does not do so much justice to the more beautiful actuall experience. 

Some of madiha and ummi picture.

We spent about 3 hours at the island and came back at around 230 pm to go around downtown tobermory.

Its such a cute pier , looking like a cute fisherman town. 

group pics.

We also went to viewing tower ovelooking lake huron and all the nearby lakes around it.

It was one of the most beautiful nature trip I have ever been. Looking forward for more. 

Time well spent experincing nature. 

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