Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good sport

Last nite , My friends and I together with over 100 of Kelantan team supporters went to support the match between Kelantan and NaviBank Saigon. Believe it or not this is my first time ever to go to a football match and support my team ( suporting my cik abe' kay). It was so much fun. Watching a real life game is fun, me sitting together with other fans and supporters was fun, winning was fun, cheering once gol is even so so much fun. Will losing be fun?? Why not, what have we got to lose?? The most important thing is we are having a good time,  but of course winning enhance the good times :D.

Me, Ody and Diana. Excited!! that Kelantan flag is fresh from the Benthan shop oven, tempah and takes 2 day to be ready.But looking awesome as ever.
Abang with one of the kelantan team striker.
Abang, Ramzul(D hubby) with Tan Sri Anuar Musa and wife, Pn Sri is such a nice lady.
My favorite keeper. Very nice, very humble, very the good looking maaaa....swoon...
Abang jersey for the night. Yes its last year's jersey. I have to salute the Kelantan team, their jersey is awesomely nice!!, this year 's jersey is even better.
This is the best picture amongst all pic of us the ladies with 'Apek" taken by the guys.(see my gambar siap blurrr lagi) Sabotaj taw the guys ni , penat tunggu nak bergambar ngan mamat ni.
The Kelantanese fan , came all the way for the game and of course shopping. But they are such a colorful fan man. Mase tak gol,gol, sume ayat pedas keluar, pastu bile gol, they are the best fan you could ever ask for. Gomo Kelate Gomo, !!!Gomo Klate Gomo!! They are only about 200 of us all, but gega gempta stadium. Surprisingly, the Vietnamese fan are so docile.
Me and my sweetheart.;)
From the left is our Consul General Mr Shazryll, hubby on far right and Tengku Ferdinand at the back. All looking handsome as ever. :D wakakaka.
Us celebrating after the game at Halal Saigon.                                                                                             

Monday, April 16, 2012

My love for Ahmad Zuhayr

Ahmad Zuhay, was born on 11th May 2009. He is my 2nd child. He was a big baby, birth weight  impressively 3.6kg, but yet his weight gain later is very poor. During that time I still remember how I look at him, and asking myself whats wrong with you son, why are you so thin, my instinct are weary and yet my mind just refuse to believe any possibility of sickness.

Eventually he got real sick, and finally diagnosed with a congenital heart disease, Total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage(TAPVD). His body oxygen saturation was only 25% at that time. In truth, human being cant even stand it if their saturation was less that 90%, and we will only be comfortable at 100% saturation. And here is my dear baby, surviving at the worst condition ever.

My life then seems...over....my future seems so grey, i cant even see if they is ever future for Zuhayr even myself. Even then, Zuhayr always manage to smile his biggest smile, laugh his most musical laugh and play. He was so wonderful. at such a small age, he has been fighting to live, and he has been winning ever since.

My happy warrior. Before the operation, he needs oxygen support, with tubes all across his face, a tired heart, a suffocating lungs does he complain, does he sulk, no but he decide to smile and laugh...dont we have so much to learn from him?? I do.
Zuhayr with granny, before the operation.

Me counting days before the operation. God knows how I feel, not knowing what will become of him, will I ever hold him again.......even till today I am thankful of the strength Allah have given me during those times...AllahuAkbar.

There are so many reasons in life to be happy about, as much as there are so many reason in life to be sad about, for a child of his age the choice are always clear, little to say about our choice always...

He was admitted at Serdang hospital, where he was born, before we were transferred to IJN(Institut Jantung Negara), 4 days later, on Friday his surgery has been scheduled. In his case, they can be no more delays, his lung is already in hypertension which bear a risk of permanent pulmonary hypertension which means death penalty.

The surgeon explained all the risk, during the operation and recovery, they are all sorts of possible complication, form brain, heart,lung and all body system. What was I to do, there is not much choice and at that very moment I realize how helpless human being are. My strength is only Allah. I gave Zuhay to Him, for He to care, for i could not do anything else, everyday I pray  and surrender (tawakkal) to the one true God. At that very moment then I realize, what is the true meaning of Tawakkal, then and there when you know that everything is totally out of your powerless hand, that you can do nothing but pray and hope and believe and not even once ever stop hoping for Allah help(tidak berputus asa dengan Allah).
Just before the operation. At this time my mind and heart just became numb. I was devoid of emotion. As if God has freeze my heart and soul as means of protection.


The surgery was a bit complicated but successful, Zuhayr was sent to the ICU, for his second battle of life, for at this stage, his lungs need to recover from the surgery. He could be in there for quite a while, since he needs the support. Surprising enough my little warrior won all his battle with galore. He was in ICU for only 3 days, Alhamdulillah all thanks to Allah.

Zuhayr just after the surgery, with all tubes all over him.
Zuhayr was already conscious on the 2nd day, asking for drinks. As strong as he is battling the anesthesia all the way to consciousness.                             



Sleeping in the ward after being transfered from ICU, most complication are almost over. Relief is my word since then.   

Feeding by tubes, it has been so long since Zuhayr has ever tasted milk.

My little Zuhayr, have i ever told you with every smile of yours you have given me the light of life.

Finally, Zuhayr was discharged home. At home he recovers just as well, delayed milestones only on his motor skill, he only starts to role over at 6 months, crawl at 8 months,however he catch up soon enough starts to walk by the 1 year old. He is able to talk before the age of 2. There is nothing to difficult for him to handle. 

at home after discharged       

His surgical scars          

Zuhayr before the day of catheter, he actually knows it somehow.

Zuhayr sleeping after the procedure

Fully conscious after the procedure

always holding the lorry mommy gave him

Uyay noti pakai speck ummi
again uyay noti lagi.

cheeky post!!

uyay conteng muka sendiri, during painting playtime

si chomel ummi
Zuhayr at 2 years old. The love of my life.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Harith toy house

Today we are making our very own toy house. Its fun and it expose the kids to the very reality of home sweet home. The kids will start naming the parts of the house, its function like roof and windows. The thing in the house, and they can play with them. Its more usefull that opening up our book and start reading house-dining-bathroom- sofa- televisyen- cabinet-chair- dining table( even writing them bore me). This is how playing, art can just cover things that we need to teach our child. Dont just open books and let them see pictures, think of ways to make them experince things they learn and make them fun!!

Drawing the window

Lots of painting job
Attaching the roof
Making chair

Uyay painting the roof
Lots of coloring work

This is my bed

Setting the furniture
Interior design of the house
My very own toy house!!

Ummi birthday family tea

On the 3rd day of my biryhday(is there such term!! Lol) hubby came home. Therefor me and my 2 masterchef together we make my birthhday cake to eat together for tea with abah. We had such lovely afternoon tea. Alhamdulillah.
The kids mixing the cake
We are making cakes!!! weee!!!

The colorful toppings

The kids are very excited to decorate the cake

More topping!!!
WOW!! can we actually eat that!!
Table set!!
Notice that the kids cups are smaller

Harith can pour his drinks very well
Uyay can already pour his drink very well
Us together!!!Happy birthday Ummi.