Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nasi lemak daun pisang

Nasi lemak daun pisang pulak?? Oh my, luckily there is a banana leaf here. So buatla sendiri. Sedap!! Sendiri perasan bole??


Living in Vietnam, mase mengidam, masak la sendiri ape nak makan, nak makan burger Malaysia, buat sendiri, karipap, cucur badak , popia all do it yourself. The worst part it I am basically cravings for all the things I saw. One day while browsing the FB a friend of mine posted her burger Malaysia pic and in that instant I went to the kitchen and make them.. Betul betul dahsyat my mengidam punye syndrome.
Crazy stuff man.

Strawberry shortcake

Teringin nak makan so buat sendiri yang low sugar . The boyz help of course. Tolong kacau and tolong makan. Uyay love them the most. He had them for his morning snacks everyday untill they finishes.

Making choc cake with the boys

Baking with boyz again!! Hahahha, well let them learn the hard work of baking things that they like to eat. Love to see them enjoying the fruit of their work.

Uyay home school

While Harith is in school, I will try to give uyay few simple lessons and activity. Boys his age has very short concentration span. I onlu spent about an hour a day for uyay to play and learn.

Some sweet deco for my baby nursery

Suddenly I fell in love with a combination of turquois and pink colour. Therefor i have decided to have the baby nursery corner with those 2 sweet pastel combination. Nothing fancy such as wallpaper or wall paintings tho, just a small box, and some sweet baskets. Very minimal sweet craft by me. :).

Glitters art

Tips to share, don't buy glitters!!!! Ya Allah since the kids saw the glitters they cant stop asking to do art with it, tak aman langsung hidup. Plus its quite messy jugak to handle for kids who are handling glitters. But it is still so much fun for them. To experience the new kind of craft tools. I'm so busy handling them doing the glitters x sempat nak snap so much glitters handling pic. I love to see them having such pride on their art work.

Art with cousins

Since in Malaysia now we have more freinds for art activities. Harith's and Zuhayr also seems more excited to do craft activities. Today we just do simple water color drawing. Ummi nak test dulu how can I cope with more students. Fuuh adela a bit hectic.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Harith in Islamic kindy

We are currently back in Malaysia waiting for me to deliver in Malaysia. Therefor gladfully the first thing I do is putting Harith in Islamic based kindergarten, it is always my dream to put my children in Islamic school all the way if possible. The only real dream I have is to give my kids the highest Islamic education possible. May Allah grant my wishes. At the new school every morning, Harith is thought how to pray. Later the lessons continues on Iqra' , huruf hijaiyah, arabic and the other conventional lessons. I'm really glad he goes to this school even only temporarily.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fish aquarium

This is probably one of the more classical art project. I used to do them back when I am in primary school. We found this very suitable cookie box and we did a simple small aquarium. Harith trace the fish, octopus and jelly fish with felt , cut then and i hang them with strings. Later we colour all the box body with greenish bluish fusion color same as weed color Harith says. Of course uyay help a little and kacau a lot.