Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sugar Cookies With Madiha

It was a rainy day today. After completing my housework, well almost ahahahahah . We started our baking project. Sugar cookies.

I bought pillsbury sugar cookies dough from walmart which is inexpensive cad2.99 only. and we use Madiha playdough molding set to mould the cookies into shapes. we have bear shape, giraffe, round triangle star and gingerbread man shape.

Tada!!!! large cookies. its taste soo good too.Then I make my own royal icing. Just icing sugar and milk and stir in untill I get the righy consistency.

Diha loves this part and licking the icing too.

Decorating the cookies was so much fun.After about 30 minutes the icing dries up andbecome glaze texture. 

Thats how much cookies we got on top of diha and me eating almost 10 cookies during baking time. 

One of those ideal days when we can do our baking frosting and lorating.