Saturday, June 28, 2014

Goodbye our beloved Phu My Hung home

The time has finally come for us to leave saigon and be transferred back to Malaysia. The time has come to leave this place we call home. I love our home in saigon, its big enough for our little family, small enough to manage, with the biggest balcony I have ever seen, or ever had( i think). It was just such an amazing house. We had our best family moments here. I will cheris these memories for life.

Balcony view, Harith and uyay ,phu my hung home 2011. 

Balcony view, Madiha recent 2014...

I will remember the beautiful balcony views during sunrise on the weekends where my husband and I used to sit outside, basking in the first daylight, having our morning coffee, after we perform our subuh prayers planning the days ahead. The air is fresh up here at 16th floor with its magnificient view of the beautiful phu my hung neighborhood and the rivers ahead full of busy ships passing through , here our views stretch up to the horizon.

Kids playing at the balcony 2011( cousin visit)

Diha and her fabulous scooter, playing at the blacony 2014

I will remember the kids playroom, where my boys spent most of their days, they grew up in this room. Harith stayed in this house from 3-7 years old and uyay from 1-5 years old. And not to forget diha from 0-1 year old.  It is where we had most of our activities, reading, crafting, painting toy play. 

My kids  in the kids room 2012

Craft activities in their room 2012

My little 2yo uyay while doing baking activities 2011

The boys during afternoon nap.....words can't describe the peace and tranquility of this be at home watching them in their beautiful slumber....absolute bliss.

And then came diha , a lovely addition to our kindy kids room.

Another blissfull moments for ummi.

I will remember my sweet and small kitchen, where i prepare the family meals, testing new recipes.        ( which i usually failed on the first try or the second, discovers my love of baking and not to forget all the cooking and baking. activities with the boys.

The boys with their own pizza ready to be bake 2012.

My very first pavlova....

I will remember the family hall, where I used to sit on my favorite chair with a good book and a warm coffee having 'me' time while the kids are resting or napping, or during the weekend where my husband and I used to sit together having 'us' time with our own ipad ( hahahhahaha so much of 'us' time lah) or the times with the whole family , setting our own home movie with snacks and pillows.
And what I will remember the most is our jemaah together here at the hall and solat lessons time with the kids, abah usrah times with the kids, tarawih jemaah prayers ( since the family hall is the biggest area in our home).

"Tengok cerita ape tu"

Usrah with abah.

And of course many more......

After the final packing we went to the empty house to see it for one last time before we returned the key to the owner. I remember feeling so sad looking at this empty house which held so much of beautiful memories and I said to myself, we will have another home and we will make more beautiful memories there. 

Our lovely phu my hung house taken from the pool. 

Live your life by cherishing every present moments, then only you'll have the most beautiful memories of your past and the most promising life in the future....AMI

More DIY games.

These ideas are again derived from art attack. And once the boys saw them , they jump up and down to do it. And so we did.

Zuhayr wants to make a foorball games while Harith wants to make rugby.

We made a football like goal post with straws.

Harith is done with hus rugby post and now making balls out of tissue and glue.

Cloth peg as propeller. Zuhayr trying out the finished foorball game.

Harith trying out his rugby propeller.

I find it quite easy to craft with the boys because the more craft we do, the more stationaries equipments I have collected ready to be used to get crafty with the kids. The essentials are scissors and cutters, ruller pencils, tape and glue, papers , hard , plain, colorfull, ropes, brushes and acrylic color. Yup with these all its enough to do any craft the kids desires.

Inventing games

I am sure its a culture Harith gets from his school , to build his own game, making his own games rules, playing with using as much counting as possible. 

The other day Harith started to take a paper, a paper clips, cutting paper money and when its finally done in about 15 minutes he introduce us to his very own game call "money shower". He make this wheels with many kinds of money reward and including a money showe rewards. If your revolving paper clips stops at the money shower signs at the wheels then you get to be bath with money. The rules are the player who gets the most money shower wins, and the loosers are the ones with the least money.

Thats how the wheels look, with money reward with many zero's uuuuuhhh. Paper clips held by a pencil at the center, you flick the paper clips and let it revolved.

All of us is playing including ummi.

Harith gets a money shower...yeay!!

Dont worry about the mess after because there is a hardworking notty girl willing to help pick up the strewn money, and put it in the basket. She so enjoys this routine.

Happy to be included. 

Making our own helmet

Zuhayr is now at home while Harith still have to go to school, and as his older brother now, once he got bored he started to ask to do a project. "Ummi I want to do art!! ". 

This idea is derived from art attack. You can actually google all art attack project from their web and even download the work sheet. So thats what we did.

So thats the instruction I downloaded from the net to the ibooks. And we follow exactly as per instruction.

The balloon is what will keep the shape of the round helmet and we paste glue with paper on top of the baloon.

Then once fully covered, try to make as thick a layer as we can. Wait them to dry overnight, once dried, pop the ballon , removed it and cut the helmet into shape.

To make the visor I use a piece of thick paper and a plastik papers blue in color as requested by uyay.


Then after designing the helmet the boys paint them.

Yeay!!! Siap.

Happy and proud of his work.

Just have to share this cute smile.

Bikers post with his helmet

More !!! My heart swells seeing how happy uyay is with his craft work.


Last day of school for Harith

The time has finally come for Harith so say goodbye to SSIS ( Saigon South International School). And for ummi too. Since I will come to the school everyday , meeting other moms like me during pick up time. Harith went to SSIS for 2 years , kindergarten and first grade and he loves the school to bits. It was his first school and it was such a good school and I am sure he kept some of his best memories here. On the last day, I make a point to come early, took a seat in front of the school vast green beautiful field and just sit there.

I took some pictures.

Harith with Ms Melissa his first grade teacher.

Harith with his art teacher, his favorites subject.

Dear SSIS till we meet again.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Last day of school for Zuhayr

Zuhayr was sick for a few days and cant go to school, on his last day of school I brought him to his school to say his goodbye to his friends and teachers.

The school has been his pride, to be able to independantly stay on his own without ummi, having his own friends from school, I do see lots of improvement from Zuhayr since he went to this wonderfull school.

He received his first ever certificate from the school principle Ms Julia.

Uyay in front of his school. We will miss the school.

And the school van, his very own ride to school.

Goodbye school, till we meet again.....