Saturday, March 21, 2015

School holiday- langkawi.

Then the week after PD we went to langkawi pulak this time with my husbands siblings, and even bigger family group trip.

But first we have to attend uyay school year end performance.

Teka mane uyay!!

Then we begin our journey to the famous island.

Flight delay la pulak.

Kami in the plane.

We stayed in a homestay at chogm villa. Our family have to take 3 apartment, 9 rooms.

The kids enjoys the trip to the front neighbour, because we all sewa rumah mengadap.

Jalan jalan dengan 2 van 1 myvi, ramainyee awak :D.

First day island hopping.

Loving the boat ride.

Pulau dayang bunting.

Tasik dayang bunting.

2nd day, cable car gunung mat chincang trip.

Aktiviti di kaki bukit.

Then mandi manda di pantai chennang.

3rd day.Taking the ride home.