Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Dubai Miami - the journey part 2

 We arrive in Dubai late at night. Upon arrival we straight away checked in and went to sleep. 

The next day, my husband's colleague TC in Dubai and his assistant ATC in Dubai who'm is my eldest sister best friend as well brought us breakfast. 

With Kak Linda, eyja's best friend. Just last year we met at Khize's wedding she is preparing to fly to Dubai in 2 days, tak sangka dapat pergi Dubai visiting her while in transit. 

Then kitorang start jalan2 around Dubai with a rented car. We initially plan to take city tour bus but it was summer and Dubai temperature is

At the souq. Punye la panas. We turun sekejap and jalan2 sikit and naik kereta balik and decided that after that just jalan2 dalam kereta je. 

Depan starbucks souqs, overpriced and overcrowded

 I took Harith picture in front of Burj al Arab because before when he is small and we lived in Vietnam, we used to make lots of 3D buildings and this one of them. I even have one of him holding this miniature building happily after completing them in this blog.

Lepas habis round round in the car we went to the large Dubai mall. Overcrowded. Maybe because its so hot outside people juts chill in the mall. We manage to go and see the largest aquarium ever in the mall. Siap ade divers dalam tu. 

After having lunch at the mall. Now all of us felt super super tired and jet lagged so we went to Kak Linda's house to rest and chill and gave a great Khabsa dinner. 

 I really love the architecture of her house and neighbourhood. Such a classic arabic dessert building just like the souq. 

For dinner she served us with Lamb and Chicken Khabsa from Zam Zam restaurant. So good. And I do not realize then or maybe I do, that will be one of the last Khabsa I ate for along time later. Because dah sampai miami. Belum lagi dapat makan Khabsa. 

After dinner they sent us to the hotel to fetch our 10 luggage and sent us off to the airport. Our flight to Miami from Dubai is at 3am. It was such a good gathering of friends and colleagues at a foreign land. One that we will remember forever. Hope to host them some day pulak nanti at our place.

Mase ni pon dah penat betul dah. After chilling and mandi at the lounge, we rest and dine while waiting for our flight. Naik flight , makan lagi then tido. Most of our flight time to Miami is during daylight like chaing ghe daylight from east to west. We arrive at Miami at 9am in the morning. 

Ambil sikit je pics in the flight because too tired and Nabiha semam pulak dalam flight. Kena makan2 kali PCM.

Finally we're here!!!!. Upon arrival we drove straight to our Airbnb just near the airport and we couldn't checked in yet since it was just around 11 am at that time. Luckily the owner allow us to keep our luggage at the house and we took uber to the neareat mall which is Dolphin mall which is also one of the biggest mall in Miami. Once the house is ready at about 3 pm we were allowed to check in. Sampai je rumah, we all terus tido. Punye la jet lagged. We took about a week to recover from the jet lag actually. 😴.  Tido time tak tentu hala bangun pon tak tentu hala.