Saturday, April 19, 2014

Discovery basket -- kitchen utensils

I do want Madiha to be good at cooking like her mom( says who!!, hehehhe). So better starts early right??

Well anyway, i prepared a basket full of interesting kitchen utensils.

Uh ohh she's a natural

Toilet paper role and pom pom

I find a hard time giving this post a title, hahahahah.

Basically its an easy pisy set up for madiha to amuse herself with.

Basically the picture tells the stories. Its a coordination practise , picking up the pom poms pas it through the roll. Thats it?? Yeah....who says its suppose to be hard. 

Cream cheese biscuit cake

This is another really simple dessert recipe. From cik epal.

All we need is creme cheese, susu pekat manis, whip cream, oat or nestum and plain crackers.
Oh yes milk to dip the crackers to moist it up a bit.

I lined my baking tray with baking paper and layer the crackers and creme cheese ( mix creme cheese, whip cream and condense milk ) and oat. Then refrigerate overnight. No bake , so easy.


Hot air ballon

The other day after pick up Harith got all excited about making hot air balloon. Urging me to that project that very afternoon. Honestly at times, in my heart I will say "alah malasnye" but then I would remind myself it wont be long before they grew up and wont want me to do stuff with them anymore.  sob sob tidak!!

So after solat we get started, look for reference in you tube heheheheheh, well its true and its really helpfull.

Stuff we need , large plastic bag, straws, alluminium paper and small birthday candles.

Cut the alluminium paper and stick the candle on top , this is the best base for the candle, it avoid the melting wax dripping on the floor.

Attached the cross shape straws to each ends of the plastic .

As can be seen the burning candle heat up the air inside the plastic bag. So the boys saw how the hot air expand. However the plastic bag is too heavy, we cant get them to fly up.

We even try different plastic bag.

Oh well, maybe another time then.we will try again.

Such a brilliant nesting toys for babies

I found this great circle pipe at art shop, untill now i do not know what it is actually for but I bought them because I figure it would serve as a very easy nesting toys for her.

So as can be seen its a cylinder shape which opens up at both sides means an easy work for really really young toddler like Diha.

See how Diha just take them up and shove them in , since its open end at both sides it makes it easy to stack?

The increasing size is good motor practice for her fingers.

DIY toys from recyclables bottle and containers

I made a small hole on these bottle caps .

And gave Diha toothpick , make sure to remove the sharp tip.

Ooo I find that she never get bored playing with this.

Grains, nuts and pasta discovery basket

The other week I prepare Diha first discovery basket involving foods. I put them in the bottle for her to observe , shake and sometimes touch. Once she's done with them i will put those basket away to give her to play again and again untill new materials is introduced.

There so many things for her to experience in this such simple stuff.

After a while she started to put the bottle in and out of the basket, soon she will try to open up the bottle .

Later i made a small hole at the bottle cover for her to practice her fine motor skill and coordination skill putting back the macaroni in the bottle.

Its fun to see her in deep concerntration.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Uyay first 3D puzzle

About years ago I have work with Harith with so many 3D puzzle, and uyay still small at that time only looked on. But on Diha's birthday he got a present too, yes they are so lucky to have generous aunts and one of them is a 3D transformer puzzle which he nagss me to do with him everyday.. Till i got time to sit with him and do it.

To my suprise seeing how good are his fine motor skills doing them, I hardly need to help a lot.

He kept working on them and not once getting frustrated and eager to demand to fix all by himself even its a bit complex.

Ummi dok buat ape?? As usual gets overreacted at all her kids milestone and snap picture la hahahhaaha.yes, I am kind of like that. 

And look at his proud smile once its done..
and those smiless always makes my day---tearfull eyes ( over la tu ummi)