Monday, November 19, 2012

Sensory and math game with colorfull cereals

Some game can even be played during snack time. Zuhayr n Harith loves this cereal. Today i make uyay arrange them by colors. This is a sensory stimulating game and later i make him arrange those cereals on colorfull numbering paper. He'll count them, see how the number look like and encourage him to start making the connection of the numbering and counting. And later he eat them counting each time he popped one into his mouth.

Tracing with water color

Another simple art game for my little uyay!! At this point Harith already warn me ' ummi dont do any project with uyay and wait untill i came back from school okay'. I just love doing these stuff with the kids. Its a good way to spend quality times together.

Paper art

This is just some very simple paper art Ibplayed with zuhayr the other day. Thisactivity encourage patience, concerntration and fine motor skills.