Sunday, February 22, 2015

School holiday - PD

Oh my its been ages since i updated this public diaries. Life have been soo busy. Anyway, during the long school holidays in December 2014, our family with my siblings had a short break in PD.
These are the picture diaries of them.

Kids in the car on the way.

On the way, found a city name after me, ( yelah tu :D ).

Dah sampai , diha posing kat pantai aaawwwww!!!

We stayed at a 4 rooms hotel apartment at regency tannung tuan, awesome place. Seronok stay together with my big family playing uno untill late night.

Pool budak kecik pon kecik. But still awesom.

Us the eldest at the left. Me at the center , see how lucky am I, 1 elder sister, 1 elder brother, 1 younger sister, and 1 younger brother. To top that up, none off my sibling had that perfection. :p.

Persisir pantai yang cantik.

Moments at the beach.

 Uyay and harith loving the sand.

Hmmm diha .... Not so, die geli sikit. Eee lorat diha.

Then celup dalam pool buang pasir. Dang !!!