Saturday, December 17, 2016

Indoor Snow Play With Madiha

The snow outside our home is so tempting. To stay outside and play is sometimes too cold. Today the temperature outside was -17c. Therefor ummi bring the snow inside for diha to play.

Buat snow ball in the house.

Making snow soup.

Snow painting.

Snow experiment. This is hot water effect on snow.

Since the temperature is -17c outside, its like having a large deep freezer outside the house. Its so tempting to make ice cubes outside. 

Madiha is preparing the colorfull icecube to be freeze outside. 
Tada!! completely got freeze up outside!!

Now diha play picking them up with tong cause it's too cold to hold.

Then dissolved them in hot water.

Some diha use to design her snow mound.

It's is such a creative play with diha making her aware of the different kind of weather going on around here. 

Snowfall 2016

Unlike last year, snow is on schedule this year. We love snow but do feel the difficulty that comes with it at times. Serabut gak tgk snow ni sometimes. Ahaks.

First real snowfall starts at night the other day. That very night we went out shovel and play. The new snow is very  bright and brighten the night sky. 

My backyard view from the master bedroom window. No light outside tu. 

Kids trading snow to go to school. Thats the picture of the park nearby school. Its beautiful.

After school i bring the sledge for the kids to play tobagon at the park.

Stroller wont be working in snowladen road and sidewalk so i have to pull diha with these sledge.

Diha sledge parking while diha plays in playground after dropping off Harith and Zuhayr at school.

Happy playing.

Sometimes the snow is so thick. Up to 20cm. Nak pajak punyela penat.

Mai ai tebal.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sugar Cookies With Madiha

It was a rainy day today. After completing my housework, well almost ahahahahah . We started our baking project. Sugar cookies.

I bought pillsbury sugar cookies dough from walmart which is inexpensive cad2.99 only. and we use Madiha playdough molding set to mould the cookies into shapes. we have bear shape, giraffe, round triangle star and gingerbread man shape.

Tada!!!! large cookies. its taste soo good too.Then I make my own royal icing. Just icing sugar and milk and stir in untill I get the righy consistency.

Diha loves this part and licking the icing too.

Decorating the cookies was so much fun.After about 30 minutes the icing dries up andbecome glaze texture. 

Thats how much cookies we got on top of diha and me eating almost 10 cookies during baking time. 

One of those ideal days when we can do our baking frosting and lorating.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Autumn 2016 Trip Huntsville Muskoka

Autumn here is absolutely beautiful. It was magnificent everywhere. But the best place in the world is in Muskoka. Therefore at the height of 100% of tree changing color in fall which is in the Mid October our family together with our close family friends went on a holiday in Huntsville Muskoka.    

All of us together is 6 families and we rent a cabin each.

This is how some rows of cabin looks like

This is our cabin with a shared deck. All 4 of cabin is book by our group in this mapleview group cabin so we basically own the deck. 😄😄😄😄.

This is the main lobby area. 

Some cottage are like this small and sweet.

Anyways on the way to this place which is in the north we use small roads to enjoy the color of fall along the way. 

The colours of fall along the way is trully magnificent masyaAllah.

As always on our road journey we like to stop by at the town that we see along the way. I like to see the houses along this smalltown.

Stopping to take picture of the beautiful places along the way.

We stop for lunch near one of the small lakes along the way

Then we went to Dorset lookout tower. Its a tower perched on top of a hill in dorset that enable us to view the surrounding beautifull scenery from high above. It was breathtaking. MasyaAllah.

Showing how high is the tower.

View from the tower. 

Us on the tower.

The boys at the dorset lookout.

Me and the boys.

Family photo at dorset lookout point.

Then off to our beautiful cabin the tally ho inn.

Inside our cabin. On holiday, good time for instant noodle as always.

This is how the resort lobby look like.

We spent the afternoon at the lake and dinner at the shared deck with our friends. It was cold that night but nevertheless we made hot coffee and bundle up with thick blanket and enjoy our family friends company.

Rise and shine on the next day.

Beautiful morning at the lake. 

We cook and had breakfast together at the deck.

Then off for morning walk in the forest.

Yeah gonna burn up some those morning breakfast.

Us at the waterfall.

It was so beautiful in the woods. the weather is great and the colors of fall in the woods were so amazing. all these shades of yellow orrange red is really stunning. 

Then we continue on the lions lookout. Another scenic places to enjoy the beauty of autumn colors.

Group photo.

After that we went back to the cabin , eat lunch together then afternoon riadhah playing volleyball and kayaking at the lake, tennis and ping pong.

Lunch menu.

Kayaking at the lake.

Lake view from our cottage deck.

Beautiful romantic view.