Friday, January 11, 2013

A visit to the park

Sometimes I'm amazed at how much roti expired bread I've accumulated in my fridge. So the other day, after pick up i take the kids to the park to feed the fish with out many packets of bread. There's lotsa fish that they breed in the lake and my kids live to see them flocking up to eat the bread. While doing this i will be telling them how Allah plan and make us be the one giving the fish rezki, how we should not throw our food, love for nature animal and stuff. Chewah, well its not that super spiritual or anything, very informal mommy talking to the kids. We always love our park trip.

Islamic lesson

Staying abroad, there is no luxury of islamic lesson being taught at school, there is no islamic kindergarten, islamic school in the afternoon. Furthermore the international school culture are different as well, very western way with their celebration easter, halloween, christmas and stuff to the point that i am not sure many kids knows thats most of those celebration are actually religious celebration not just seasonal. I have to do lots of explaining to Harith on this context, alhamdulillah due to early attempt at making him knows Allah and Islam he accepted them as second nature . This is what we want, in Malaysia, surrounded by saudara muslim, where everybody aroun you are muslim, it is easy to embrace the religion of islam within you. But in international community, we should be aware that such luxury dont exist. effort have to be made to make sure our children are a muslim body and soul. I taught Harith iqra' myself, hafal surah lazim and tauhid. We did them everyday after school. Most of the islamic knowledge lesson i did with him and uyay unformally, like talking bout Allah makes living things when we were out in the park, Allah make abah bought you the toy during shopping and stuff. I have children islamic CD, nasyid, doa and Iqra which are very catchy that i put on most of the time, this constant passive listening of zikir, nasyid and quran recital will be registered within their subconscious mind.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Harith solo mini house

Ummi is so proud of Harith today. He got a box and set out imagining a project on his own. He ask some of mine and my maid help but the ideas all came from him. He find a small box himself and color them to
Be a tv, a nice belt box to make sofa, a nice long box as dining table and put plate and flowers on them himself , later he colors the wall , imagining painting on the walls and some toys on the floor. Subhanallah Harith sayang , it is such a nice mini house. And i told him so :D

Importance of play

I cant emphasize more on how important it is to let the kids play and clutter. Through play they work out their imagination, workout their brain muscles, develops ideas and many more. It is most important thay we provide minimal distraction while they are playing, sometime during the concerntration at playing they reach certain understanding of the world and life surrounding them.

Applying substracting

I bought uyay this cars chocolate, he loves to eat them. It comes in chocolate covers with wrapping shapes as cars with multie color. During snack time like this i'll find some opportunity to teach him math. First we arrange the chocolate by colors and counting them. Then when he starts eating them i'll make him count the no of the chocolate before and after he takes one. Teaching him substracting concept. Therefor the more he pops into his mouth the more he counts. That way ummi dont feel so bad on the number of chocolate he ate today!!, bad ummi!!!!! Hahahhaha

Making donuts with the kids

The other day I combined 2 things i love to do the most , doing activity with my kids and baking/cooking. So today Harith wants to eat donuts, usually we will deop by at donuts and donuts to buy them but today he suggested why dont you do them ummi 'ecewah he thinks i know how to do everything ka??' Anyway i got the recipe, he wants donuts with chocolate toppings, never done them but well i'll try.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Skills with strings

I found this cheap wood toy at the supermarket and it is made in vietnam. These toys are actually very good. One it is made with wood, another is it is training life skills like tying shoe laces and another one is it encourage fine motor skills. So I bought them so that uyay can play with them.

Uyay with puzzle

This is another activity i'll do with uyay when I am lazy :D. Puzzle. Its good , easy and very effective. I am sure many are familiar with puzzles and its benefits for children.

Doodling doodling

On a lazy day, or maybe when spending the night somewhere else. What else to do!! Let the kids doodle. Well that is what i call when i let them color. These are some of the picture i capture on them doodling.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Abah's birthday

Its abah birthday, being abah , with islamic piety, only minimal celebration if you would like to do pon. Kalau tak buat ape ape lagi bagus for him. Anyway, i would only like to teach the kids on awareness, apreciation and effort. Therefore I encourage Harith to do cards and maybe we do a simple cake just as a reminder of the day. Harith set out to draw a birthday posters, birthday cards and later together with ummi and uyay we bake 37 cupcakes for abah bitthday cake. Yep abah is 37 years old now.

Harith making the cards

The beautiful birthday cards
Reminding abah of his age. Heheheh

Preparing to make the cake

All the colorfull mixture ready.

The boys help out putting the mixture inside the small cups, they really enjoyed doing it.

Uyay especially loved the putting colorfull sweets on top, while eating them at the same time!! Lol

Done baking

Time to arrange 37 cupcakes on a plate. Cukup ke ? Banyak umur dahni abah.


We love you Abah. Muachh!!