Thursday, January 3, 2013

Abah's birthday

Its abah birthday, being abah , with islamic piety, only minimal celebration if you would like to do pon. Kalau tak buat ape ape lagi bagus for him. Anyway, i would only like to teach the kids on awareness, apreciation and effort. Therefore I encourage Harith to do cards and maybe we do a simple cake just as a reminder of the day. Harith set out to draw a birthday posters, birthday cards and later together with ummi and uyay we bake 37 cupcakes for abah bitthday cake. Yep abah is 37 years old now.

Harith making the cards

The beautiful birthday cards
Reminding abah of his age. Heheheh

Preparing to make the cake

All the colorfull mixture ready.

The boys help out putting the mixture inside the small cups, they really enjoyed doing it.

Uyay especially loved the putting colorfull sweets on top, while eating them at the same time!! Lol

Done baking

Time to arrange 37 cupcakes on a plate. Cukup ke ? Banyak umur dahni abah.


We love you Abah. Muachh!!

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