Thursday, October 26, 2017

Madiha goes to school.

I have not been writing for awhile and I have list of beautiful topics to share. Some topics as usual is just about me and my simple little moments in life that  I cherished. 

Today is about Madiha and how she is going to start schooling at the age of 4!!. Yes here in Canada. Free full day public school starts at the age of 4. Awesome and not. Less time for the kids with their stay at home mommy. Awesome for working mother though. I have mix feeling about this because I love spending time with Madiha. Oh well more time for me with myself. However its good for Diha because she is such a sociable kid. She love having friends to play with all the time.

So we started telling her about going to school, she cries because she does not want to. She wants ummi to be around her. But after a few days she kind of accepted them. 

Preparing for school.

Bags and shoes.

We went shopping for school equipments, new shoes and clothes. Always telling her this is going to be fun. One day while shopping at Dollarama she ask abah for something and abah says if you dont cry when you go to school you will get it. And she says ok. Alrite cheap deals. !!!dollarama kat sini is macam kedai 2 hinggit la. 

On the first day of school I can see how afraid she looks. Abah decide to follow allong also to see Diha off her first day at school.

Walking to school

 After getting Zuhayr and Harith to their respective class we bring diha to.the kindergarten doors.

In front of the class door, there are 1 kid crying but the rest are quiet. So does Diha. I felt so proud of her and how tough she acted. She ask abah can I ask the teacher something. Then Ms Hanna her classroom teacher bent down towards madiha to hear what she have to say.

Madiha: "teacher is it ok if I dont know how to draw yet?
Ms Hanna: "of course honey!!! Thats why you are here, I am going to teach how to draw ok?
Madiha : " ok"

And slowly walk inside her class.

I walk home by myself that day. Feeling proud and happy, nostalgic of the days that we would walk home together after sending Harith and Zuhayr. 

Playground we always stop by after sending the boys. 

Lone journey home.

At pick up. Happy girl.

Walking home. I will miss this forever. The best way to go to school and back. Walking distance away. Aaaaahh the beautiful life in Canada.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Little Pastry Cheff

I tried as much as I can to do activities with my kids during this summer break. Either bringing them to places for visits or activities at home.

These are some baking activities we made together this time and Madiha really enjoys it when her brothers join in the fun.

Making donuts and eating donuts all in 1 sitting.

Sculpture bread.

They came out so great and cute. Soon after Madiha took the little girl and start munching at that poor girlbread. Huhuhhhh.

We also make cakes and the kids decorate and apply icing themselves.

They choose their own colour for this lego cake art. Happy nye Madiha. Pink aje kaler die.

Then ngap.

While all this is fun sometimes the clean up is tiring. But tiring as it is at the end of the day, I felt so happy doing this.

Canadian National Exhibition 2017

Every year at the end of summer break just before the school opens the exhibitions place at downtown Toronto will held its largest exhibition of the year CNE. This exhibition has been going on since 1879 till now. 

What it looks like back in those days.

We went to CNE 2015 and this time we went again for the 2nd time this time without hubby since its weekdays and hubby is working. I love to go in weekdays, less crowds.  

We arrive early in the morning.

The kids tried some of this "money pit" games *sigh* before we went and watch some of the shows. I call this money pit because it just suck your money. And leave you wishing to play more untill you win some worthless stuff toys. Arrrghhhh

Then we went on the kids area where all kids games, kids shows and performances are held. 

Marsha and bear meet and greet. Madiha really enjoyed seing this.

Then there is this splash and boots. I am not sure if they are famous elsewhere but they appear in treehouse kid program that is aired in Canada. Kids love their show. Madiha watch them sometimes. She loves this lifeshow and to my suprise went on and jump up and down with the rest of the kids fan.

We had lunch and play some rides. 

Some of the shows we watched are African Dance in the International Pavillion. Very entertaining. 

 Figure skating and acrobatic shows. This is my first time watching life ice skating shows. Jakun jap.

The exhibition area is big enough that they provide free taxi trem for people to go from one area to the other and honestly one day is not enough to cover everything they have to offer. 

Kids on the trem.

Apart from shows. There are exhibitions. We watch sand sculpture, butter sculpture and hay sculpture by various artist.

There is lots of north american food to try at this food bazaar. Most of them is indmstant type and unhealthy. Typical American style food.

We had so much fun and wish we have more time to see more of the thing this festival has to offer not to mention wishing we can watch 2 shows at once.

However this festival still is worth every penny covering the entrance fee for 19cad and free for kids. Wow.

Big smile for CNE.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Scarborough Bluff

The weather was great last Saturday. It will be such a waste to spend the time indoor. The sun was shining beautifully, its not cold or warm but a perfect 22c. One thing I really appreciate here is the fact that you really appreciate the ever changing nature surrounding you. When in Malaysia I used to take for granted the stable weather and temperature. Its sometime gets so hot in Malaysia when the sun shines brightly thay you rather complain about then appreciate it. 

So anyway , I made my own plans to go have lunch out. Just told hubby to get ready and off we go. I packed some picnic stuff and we went and buy popeye chicken. Popeye chicken is Halal in all their branch in Toronto. 

And we drive to Scarborough bluff, a beautiful site by lake Ontario near our house and yet we've never visit. Its about 18km away. Another thing about Canada is it has so many beautiful places to go. And all of them is well kept. So many that most places I just visited once. Tak sempat nak pi banyak2 kali.

Stunning. And wether is great!! And i love the sun. 

Selfie satu.

Madiha & I

Our picnic table. 

We eat our lunch stay here about an hour and went home. 

There and then my wekend story. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Toronto Hawks Soccer League

All through summer I enrolled Harith and Zuhayr to soccer practice and league since they enjoyed soccer so much.

Zuhayr's team. Qualicare.

Harith's team .Toronto Hawks.

They practiced every Friday and have league games on Wednesday every week all through summer.

The beautiful field they had their soccer practice. I really enjoyed bringing them to play here. While they play madiha enjoyed playing at the playground and I just enjoyed the beautiful summer afternoon.

Our chair every time at the field.

Abah will come straight here from work and him and the kids will practice passing balls. 

 Zuhayr's team played till the final and Harith's team played till the semi-finals.

They both work hard for their team!!!

Zuhayr's team playing in the final.

Closing ceremony for Harith soccer league.

Closing ceremony for Zuhayr soccer league.

We had an amazing soccer 2017 season.