Friday, May 22, 2015

Japan trip February 2015

This is a throwback post, cause i haven't had time or mood to write them before.So on February2014 we went to japan for a family traveling vacation. It was awesome. I'll write this as diary input.

13 Feb 2015
 Plane journey and arrival 

It was a comfortable trip, its a night journey and all of us manage to have a good sleep.

The kid was so excited with the weather. 

The breakfast.

Japan is a very beautiful and clean country.

Most of the trip around the tokyo city was with the train. Now we are on the way to our hotel.

After checked in, late lunch we started going around the famous iconic place of japan. This is the famous harajuku street.

This is the famous shibuya crossing.

Cant find the picture of the famous loyal dog , hachiko. 

Then we went home had dinner and sleep, cause tomorow, we are heading to hakuba nagano, the famous snow skiing mountain recreational area, use to hold winter olympics inin 1998. ---excited!!

14 Feb 2015

Early in the morning , rise and shine , we took a trip to hakuba via shinkansen, the bullet train, and the kids are super excited, ummi too weeeee!!!! In the picture above of abah and the kids, the shinkansen behind is actually a double-decker train. Wow!!

Us inside the train, it was so cool, the ride is super comfortable and yet you can see trees and building zooming so fast outside the window, 

Within 45 minutes we have arrive in the nagano prefecture of high altitude land and we started seeing the snow. Beaut!!!

Behind abah is the beautiful town of hakuba. The first thing harith did once we are out of the train is touching the snow at the sidewalk.

Inside the room. Tatami mat and foldable blanket for sleep. So Japanese, love it.

The beautiful view outside my room.

Family picture, behind is our resort. Everything is covered in white, it was so panoramic.

Ibu and kize. 

We spend the whole afternoon, playing in the snow park. 


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Diha princess cake.

Ummi make diha's princess cake herself. ( bangga ). Since I have only the saturday to plan the birthday  which was held on sunday, ummi buat kek express. ( ummi memang terbukti terer bab assembling cake) yes. 

So i bought 3 sponge cake. With diff size.

Then assembled them like a dome shape for the princess skirt.

Instant topping, no need whipping, i found this in tesco. Its good for decorating too cause its really firm. I just need to add the coloring.

Tada!!!, done!!!

Cantik jugak ye kaw kek.

While the boys cake ummi tempah at suanson ( their cake is marvelous, so sedap ).

Thats Aina's ( their cousin's cake).

Happy birthday to harith uyay diha aina !!, habis nafas nyanyi. Adif tolong tiup cake diha. Hehehhe.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Moist mango butter cake with mango creme cheese topping.

I have not done any baking whatsoever for so so long since moving back to malaysia, easy excuse as usuall, busy working ( guilty as charge) hehhehe. Anyway during the long labour day wekend , we went back to my hubby beloved hometown ,kelantan and I adalah telah borong sekati mangga siku raja. These mango kind is so awesomely sweet.

Yup all 40kg of them, puas kaw makan mangga. But seriously its so good.

So atas sebab banyak sangat mangga, mak buat jeruk mangga. Like these

But my most delightfull product which i love so much is

Tada!!!!!!!. Clap clap clap clap. Sedap, moist---- sila angkat bakul sekati. :D.

Harith 8yo, Zuhayr 6yo and Madiha 2yo birthday party -colorfull theme.

Recently Ummi ( now the busy working mommy) who have not much time for my little family as before plan a simple birthday bash for all my 3 kids together, ha kaw all of them together ( termasuk diha , who's birthday suppose to be on march) with hehehhe the very no theme easy theme- colorfull theme.

Their little cousin aina also join in to celebrate her birthday and the more the merrier .

Its just a very small occasion, only family members. A chance to get together and exchange greetings.

And of course the most fun parts for the kids is the gift session.

For the kids the fun continues at the pool pulak. Main their new toy.