Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Diha princess cake.

Ummi make diha's princess cake herself. ( bangga ). Since I have only the saturday to plan the birthday  which was held on sunday, ummi buat kek express. ( ummi memang terbukti terer bab assembling cake) yes. 

So i bought 3 sponge cake. With diff size.

Then assembled them like a dome shape for the princess skirt.

Instant topping, no need whipping, i found this in tesco. Its good for decorating too cause its really firm. I just need to add the coloring.

Tada!!!, done!!!

Cantik jugak ye kaw kek.

While the boys cake ummi tempah at suanson ( their cake is marvelous, so sedap ).

Thats Aina's ( their cousin's cake).

Happy birthday to harith uyay diha aina !!, habis nafas nyanyi. Adif tolong tiup cake diha. Hehehhe.


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