Monday, May 27, 2013

Playmobil mini house

We used to make one toyhouse, and then due to its due time aka wear and tear I threw it. And then Harith was looking for it and I told him let just make a new and better one. So last friday which is a holiday we made the house. Its gonna house all the playmobil man they got for their birthday. 

I did all the cutting and Harith did all the painting. 

Harith did the TV.

All the small furniture. 

This is Haritj list on what the house may need. Opportunity for me to teach him reading and writing.

Yeay !!! Dah siap.

Harith's rainbow book

I was busy doing something and Harith is busy doing something asking for my help occasionally and then finally he shows me the book he made. A rainbow book complete with explanation on how rainbow happen. Oh deary.. You make ummi 'kembang' macam belon. 

Cutting colorfull paper into ranbow shapes.

Here abah help him with the spellinh of the color. Orange pon terbalik tulis.

Rain and sun make rainbow 'how clever!!!!'

Harith's school art gallery

I am amazed at how creative kids can be given the chance to express. I brought the boys to Harith school elementary art gallery the other night and caught by suprise at their work including Harith's. it is soooo amazing!!! And I am not exagerating here. I love the way they displayed the kids art as well. I can see how proud Harith's felt when he saw his work up on display and being admired by the adults
The invitation pamplet

Harith and Uyay at the hallway 

The blue butterfly next to then is Harith's, made by recycle stuff

Art display in the library

The art is displayed everywhere even the stairs and the lights are awesome. 

More of Harith's work

Some of the are classrooms effort like this building stairs to the moon ' menuju puncak!!'

Giraffe and human by Harith from paper


Uyay next to Harith masterpiece

We had so much fun enjoying the creative artwork. In total we saw 7 of harith work and I love to see how this boost Harith confidance. Bravo SSIS.

Working on uyay fine motor skill

I thought uyay myself at home. Everytime I am considering to send him to preschool i just felt why should I simce I am at home. I want to spend as much precious time with my kids as much as i can. So kiasu. Uyay is such a briliant student, he pick up very fast, remembers easilu but.... He just refuse to color and write!!! I am working on that. Llately he is a bit willing.
He still need practice on holding pen

I read somewhere in one of mommy's blog that cutting improves fine motor skills for writing as well.

Ice cream break!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Usual wekend activity

For the sake of my memory, on The historical day of PRU 13. While abah is busy voting for the sake of the country back in saigon this is our activity. With ocasional sweet 'interference' by little diha.

Baking muffin, penat main and hungry and saw muffin on TV and shout out ummi we want to eat muffin. Ok boyz you gonna make them with ummi

2 brothers busy at work

While playing and teasing diha waiting for the cake baking in the oven.

Kenyang makan kek, cont playing and 'sepah' ing. 

These are our usual fine day...... Such a simple and sweet life. 

Harith 6yo and Zuhayr 4yo birthday celebration

The whole idea in birthday celebration for me is to make the children feel apreciated and loved. And I would like them to be aware about that at all times. I also make sure that they are involved in the whole preparation process, this I beleive enhance the meaning of the celebration. We make the cards together, choose the theme and discuss on how we are gonna do the goody bag. I shop the goody bag stuff with uyay and try as much as i can to give him the power on decision making on what to put in them. On the weekend Harith and I did the tedious goody box and we feel happy and proud on the end product. Later i let them put the goodies in the box themselves. I decided to make the birthday cake myself again to let them see and experience the whole process, while Harith in school, uyay and me bake the chocolate cake, eagerly after school Harith help me with the decoration. The party turn out well and Harith cant wait for his next birthday. Oh my ummi is just releived its all over this year :D ahahhahha

We make the cards together. 

The goody box, since the theme is thomas the blue train. We work 2 full day sat and sun to make them.

I let them put the goody stuff themselves, and had the chance to teach them counting. Coz they must be 6 stuff in the box and they count them each time .

Uyay help me with the cake while Harith is at school. This time i taught him balancing since his job is pouring flour in the cake mixture.

Then Harith's excitedly help with the decoration.

And there is thr cake!!!! By an ameteur kay, i've never done this before.

The party starts at 1230 at one of the indoor playground near our place , so at 12 noone and uyay set off to that place loads with our stuff. ( diha at home with kak yum )

Nice , cool and comfy place for a party. Everyone enjoy themselves here. 

Happy birthday my sweethearts!!! May Allah bless the 2 of you, and not forgetting my dear Diha as well. You guys have been the best gift of my life. Lotsa love from ummi.