Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Harith 6yo and Zuhayr 4yo birthday celebration

The whole idea in birthday celebration for me is to make the children feel apreciated and loved. And I would like them to be aware about that at all times. I also make sure that they are involved in the whole preparation process, this I beleive enhance the meaning of the celebration. We make the cards together, choose the theme and discuss on how we are gonna do the goody bag. I shop the goody bag stuff with uyay and try as much as i can to give him the power on decision making on what to put in them. On the weekend Harith and I did the tedious goody box and we feel happy and proud on the end product. Later i let them put the goodies in the box themselves. I decided to make the birthday cake myself again to let them see and experience the whole process, while Harith in school, uyay and me bake the chocolate cake, eagerly after school Harith help me with the decoration. The party turn out well and Harith cant wait for his next birthday. Oh my ummi is just releived its all over this year :D ahahhahha

We make the cards together. 

The goody box, since the theme is thomas the blue train. We work 2 full day sat and sun to make them.

I let them put the goody stuff themselves, and had the chance to teach them counting. Coz they must be 6 stuff in the box and they count them each time .

Uyay help me with the cake while Harith is at school. This time i taught him balancing since his job is pouring flour in the cake mixture.

Then Harith's excitedly help with the decoration.

And there is thr cake!!!! By an ameteur kay, i've never done this before.

The party starts at 1230 at one of the indoor playground near our place , so at 12 noone and uyay set off to that place loads with our stuff. ( diha at home with kak yum )

Nice , cool and comfy place for a party. Everyone enjoy themselves here. 

Happy birthday my sweethearts!!! May Allah bless the 2 of you, and not forgetting my dear Diha as well. You guys have been the best gift of my life. Lotsa love from ummi. 

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