Thursday, October 26, 2017

Madiha goes to school.

I have not been writing for awhile and I have list of beautiful topics to share. Some topics as usual is just about me and my simple little moments in life that  I cherished. 

Today is about Madiha and how she is going to start schooling at the age of 4!!. Yes here in Canada. Free full day public school starts at the age of 4. Awesome and not. Less time for the kids with their stay at home mommy. Awesome for working mother though. I have mix feeling about this because I love spending time with Madiha. Oh well more time for me with myself. However its good for Diha because she is such a sociable kid. She love having friends to play with all the time.

So we started telling her about going to school, she cries because she does not want to. She wants ummi to be around her. But after a few days she kind of accepted them. 

Preparing for school.

Bags and shoes.

We went shopping for school equipments, new shoes and clothes. Always telling her this is going to be fun. One day while shopping at Dollarama she ask abah for something and abah says if you dont cry when you go to school you will get it. And she says ok. Alrite cheap deals. !!!dollarama kat sini is macam kedai 2 hinggit la. 

On the first day of school I can see how afraid she looks. Abah decide to follow allong also to see Diha off her first day at school.

Walking to school

 After getting Zuhayr and Harith to their respective class we bring diha to.the kindergarten doors.

In front of the class door, there are 1 kid crying but the rest are quiet. So does Diha. I felt so proud of her and how tough she acted. She ask abah can I ask the teacher something. Then Ms Hanna her classroom teacher bent down towards madiha to hear what she have to say.

Madiha: "teacher is it ok if I dont know how to draw yet?
Ms Hanna: "of course honey!!! Thats why you are here, I am going to teach how to draw ok?
Madiha : " ok"

And slowly walk inside her class.

I walk home by myself that day. Feeling proud and happy, nostalgic of the days that we would walk home together after sending Harith and Zuhayr. 

Playground we always stop by after sending the boys. 

Lone journey home.

At pick up. Happy girl.

Walking home. I will miss this forever. The best way to go to school and back. Walking distance away. Aaaaahh the beautiful life in Canada.