Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pancake cake

One fine day, just before ramadhan but i was fasting at that day, my friend describe to me this cake. Its pancake layered with generous amount of chocolate, toped with nuts( mixed nuts) make them into layered and layered. I immediately wants to eat them. Can't find the recipe anywhere in the web but well anyway hantam ajela, since it contain lots of choc it would be nice anyhow. Makes me to think that anything which is made out of good stuff will turn out good. :). The rules goes well with us human. Good parents produce good children. Thats why in everything we do, we have to know that we would want to be good people for the sake of our children. Let me stop there. Btw i don't have the recipe here but basically thats how you make this cake.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My humble yet so beautiful flower garden

On this particular ramadhan morning, i woke up and look at my beautiful flower garden, and they make me so happy :). Subhanallah.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Teach your child to be organize

As parents , it is very important to be mindful of values you are teaching them ( actually we taught them more by the things we do rather than the things we said aka bebel) For eg if we read a lot, our child will end up reading as well, if we are always neat they will be too) I am not saying that i am super neat and organize though just always reminds myself to be one for the sake of showing my children a good example, which I always at time failed miserably when I am too tired to tidy up haha!!. Today Harith's is doing his painting and he take great pride in organizing the painting place himself, but something that make ummi suddenly swell with pride today, ( kembang kempis hidung :D ) is how he neatly organize the color tubes next to the color at his painting palate. This actually shows how organize he is and that is a good feedback for ummi and great motivation to improve myself , be more rajin , for the sake of showing my kids good value. Good luck to me.

My craft corner aka worktable

I've always wanted a craft table/ worktable at home where i have all this complete stationaries to do my gift wrapping, cards, letters, printings and stuff. Since deciding to learn scrapbooking i have actually make them a reality. I now have my own craft corner yeay!!! It is so strategic, its in the kids room where I can see them play while doing my work. And its not just a craft corner, its like my very own space, my office for me to sit and read, web-surfing, studying errr....Of course its nothing much. My friend here had her own studio and its sooo very nice. Mine it just at the door corner, very small space , small table and chair. But i love it!!, from my table i can just turn and see the kids play, sleep and do their stuff. Check out some of the great studio the scrapbookers have though, its just so nice, clean, neat and checkout all those colorful papers , ribbons, buttons etc that they have !!!!!! (the picture will be very random since i'm blogging from ipad, but basically my table is the little blue table with a basket full or wrapping papers and a white rotan drawer cabinet under, with all the colorfull ribbons, few gift boxes and jars of craft flowers at the top. Its at the door corner with a very limited space not those beautiful studio rooms pictures which is serenely lovely and sweet and make you feel like you can stay there forever :) ,maybe they are mine someday :D ) ( the picture of uyay sleeping and harith just about to do his painting is just showing my view from my table at this very time while i'm sitting at the table updating my blog)

My first layout

I'm learning scrapbooking now!!. For those who are not familiar with it, it is an art and craft work to cherished memories of life. I love their essence and skills and finally the beautiful end product. I am basically learning them so I can start making albums and frames of pictures of me and my family and capturing the memories. The first thing i did is a layout. This is a picture of my husband and our 2 boys. The words are 'my life'. The picture and words says its all. How lovely they are to me, how they are my life , and the beautiful decorations on the frames captures the melody of my harmonize and happy feeling :). Its not the best, you should see my friend's beautiful work and other scrapbookers fine art. But I am very proud of them.

My very own craft work- flowers frame

Its amazing how I am now able to pursue all those stuff that i love doing since being a housewife :D. One of the things i really loves since my school years are crafts, art, cards boxes and all those. I used to collect so many beautiful pencils, papers, books, wrapping papers. I'm lucky to met someone here who is a scrapbook pro. From her i learn a lot about the art of craft and its just great!!. On one fine wednesday I went to her studio and make a beautiful 2D flower frames for my bedroom walls.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Petronas twin tower

I was going through the 3D puzzle shop again and to my delightful surprise there are a 3D puzzle on Petronas twin tower. This company 3 D puzzle are about an important buildings in the world and well to know that Malaysia have one of these building make me so proud. So today Harith and I sat and did this. Yup i know , i know how many more 3D puzzle we want to do??, but the thing is Harith love doing them so much. As it is , I have no more space to put all his puzzles already. Anyway, Im already thinking about buying a new cabinet anyway :D. Dont I just have so much reasons to buy more interior stuffs. Ha ha. As we were doing this uyay did a much simpler puzzles on his own.

Monday, July 2, 2012

My little flower garden

I have always love flowers. Always wanted to grow them. To my pleasent suprise the vietnamese love flowers and plants, they'll plant them no matter how small space they have. All apartments balcony here will have flowers and plants, you can find flower nursery everywhere here. Its seems such a good place for me to realize my dream. :). This is some that i have manage to plant , grow and give my tender loving care.

Chocolate cake ibu

The best thing about this recipe is how it does not have any fancy ingredients and yet taste so rich. The chocolate icing is made from scratch and not from some fancy melted chocolate bar. When we were small ibu made them all the time, we always bring them for classes party, and it always became the most favorite dish at the party. Therefor till now, even though it might not be the best chocolate desert in the world, it brings me such joy everytime i eat them, might be due to its nostalgic and sentimental value. For my ex primary school friends and ex secondary school friends you might miss them as much. :).

Cake ingredients

4 oz butter
5 oz caster sugar
3 eggs
5 oz plain flour
1 oz cocoa( i prefer van houten)
3 level teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Chocholate Icing ingredients

3 oz butter
1 oz cocoa
2 oz icing sugar
4 tablespoon evaporated milk ( susu cair tin, eg susu ideal)

1) preheat oven 180c
2) whisk butter, sugar , vanilla untill fluffy, add in eggs one by one
3) sift flour, cocoa and baking powder
4) fold in the dry ingredient to the wet ingredients.
5) bake for 55 minutes 180c
6) for the icing, using double boiling method add in all the ingredient and stirr ( keep stirring non stop) untill the ingredients becomes like hot melted chocolate, make sure you cook them in very low heat or the butter will turn runny and gets separated from chocholate and sugar.
7) pour the chocolate mix on the cake, or if you like you can split the cake in two and spread the chocolate icing in between the cake as well.