Thursday, September 27, 2012

Counting with pop day stickers

During one of our marketing trip at giant i came across this cute round stickers that are so atractive. I usually just kept them first and use them later during one of the fun play learn session. Today, after sending Harith to school, read him some books i sat down and play counting using this stickers with uyay. Its more interactive for him i hope being able to count while sticking those colourfull stickers at his journal page.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Poster colour time.

I love the rich and vibrant colours of poster colour, we did some simple drawing today and uyay wanna draw a fire engine and he did a fine job with them.

DIY stamps

Everyday after Harith has gone to school, little uyay will feel a bit lonely. I will try to find time doing somenfun stuff with him apart from reading, some writing and coloring. We will find time doing some arts. Today we are making our very own stamps. I love the proud look on uyay's face everytime he had finish an art projects. :) . Harith came home later in the afternoon and love to try the stamps himself.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Uyay with pencils

I find it uyay dont really master holding pencil well yet. Therefor my aim is to try to get him to master this skills. I dunno how though since Harith seem to have no problem before. One of my effort is to try and let him master holding the bigger pencil like whiteboard marker. Let see if this will work. Afterward when he is board, we started to play playdough. Well thast seems to wake all his senses. :)

Ahmad Zuhayr and me time now

With Harith in school. I have more time to concerntrate on uyay. Usually during the activities with Harith he will join if he thinks it is interesting enough and if they bore him easily, he will start to find his own amusement, since uyay at his age is easily distracted, activities with Harith that needs more concerntration easily bore him. Now since i cam fully concerntrate on him i will find all ways to make the activities interesting for him. He seem to live all the attention to :).

Hari Raya

Our Hari Raya Celebration is fun as usual. This year we celebrated them at my husband's mom house in Kelantan. Since Harith are already in school and his school of course can't observe holiday to all their student's race and ethnic celebration we have to take him away from his schoold days for a full week. So less raya days for us in Malaysia. Nevertheless we had so much fun visiting and meeting all close and diatance relatives during this month of celebration.