Sunday, September 25, 2016

Grape Picking

I love fruit picking. It is just so wonderfull to be able to eat freshly picked fruits.  Last saturday we went to grape picking with our friends.

What a glorious day canada!!!!

Somebody who is sooooo happy today.

Harith ready to pick a whole bushels of grape.

Grape farm behind me.

Madiha picking with her bestfriends.

The boyzzz

Bushels of grapes it cost cad20 per bushels.

Mine. Nak buat ape bebanyak ni ye.

Then we head out for picnic at bayfront park near the picking place. Awesome place. Love it.

What a beauty.

Great place even greater food. 

Group pics.

The ladies by the lake. Lepas makan kenyang kenyang kite jalan.

Then play some balls.

On sunday i went on and process my whole bushels of grape. Making them into jam and juice.


Friday, September 2, 2016

Bloor-Yonge Yorkville Village Leisure Sightseeing.

Our summer holidays city sightseeing today is Bloor-Yonge Yorkville Village. High fashion street in Toronto equivalent to the 7th Avenue in new york.

The streets.

Beautiful streets with unique shops and designer shops

On certain parts the building is quite classic too.

We just walk on every line of the streets window shopping.

Stop for coffee.

Then walk all the way to downtown.

Stopping at University of Toronto as well. 

Summer Camping Algongquin Provincial Park.

Yeay ovetnigjt camping.oneof our bucket list to do while we stay here.

We and a group of friends went to Algonquin Provincial Park one of the most famous jungle reserve in Ontario. And it was soooooo awesome.
Weather was great not too hot and not too cold. The best part of all was the fact that we manage to bring our kids on a real camping adventure overnight in the woods. Wooohoooo

The drive there itself was sumply breathtaking. This time we are driving toward the north. In Canada the north you travel the more rural and nature the journey becomes.

We cross many lakes.

Driving across greenery

Tadaaa!!!! Our camping site.

Setting our camps.

Yeay dah siap. Our tent complete with 5 outdoor chair.

Sneakpeak inside our tent

Then we went around to see the lakes

At night we come here againto watch the stars. 

Thats night we set up the kitchen and prepare dinner.

The sun set.

That night we went to the lake to watch the millions star . I remember back during my childhood time living in the village watching the star at night sky is common however now due to the light polution in the city we only can appreciate this if we go camping like this deep in the woods.

Sleepin in the tent that night was uneventfull.


Our dining deep in the jungle

The boys at breakfast

It is just fun to see the kids playing outdoor exploring their surrounding.

After a few rounds of volleyball.

We head down to the lake with its manmade sandy beach.

Bathing in the lake water is much more fun because its not salty therefor does not sting the skin.

The kids had so much fun.

Diha with abang din.

We also did a lot of kayaking.

Then balik khemah mandi mandi makan lagi and then went hiking.

Thats us at the peak.

Then at night barbecue plak!!!!!

Beef shank

Lamb thigh.

Kids roasting marshmallows

Our round chair discussion place around the firepit.

Kids looking cute on their little chair.

The next day lagi we went jalan jalan at tourist centre of algonquin and then had yong taw fuu

Thats night star gazing again. 

The next day is journey home. 

Beautiful wekend spent.