Friday, September 2, 2016

Center Island

Ummi memang kaki jalan. So another place we went during the summer holiday is centre island.

Abah sent is till the ferry place at downtown Toronto. The ferry only takes about 10 minutes to the island.

The island is so beautiful. Just great to walk around it in this warm weather.

The water fountain at the centre of the island.

Amongst the beautiful sights at the island.

The kids in front of the flower garden.

Then we reach the man made beach along ontario lake water.

I let the kids play sands for a while. Its been awhile since we went to a beach.

Then we rent a quadricycle to go around the island.

Happy faces.

I found the famous beaver tail here. We ate lunch and feed the bird too.

We tried the bushy maze.

The boys in the maze.

Downtown toronto seen from the centre island.


Boarding the ferry back to downtown.

Downtown Toronto from the ferry. 

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