Saturday, October 31, 2015

The CN Tower.

Canadian National Tower is the 3rd tallest tower in the world. It used to be the tallest tower in the world since its completion in 1976 untill burj Khalifa and Canton tower was build in 2010. We actually went there so early in our stay here because this tower is so nearby our place ( at the service residence we stayed on our first month in Toronto.). The kids like asking everyday when can we go up the tower. 

So this is our 2nd tower visit this year earlier this year to Tokyo Tower, now CN tower. Oh yeah!!

We see the Tower everyday when we go to the playground.


Us on the observation deck.

Us looking down from high above.

Hubby office seen from the tower.

Klcc in the list of the high buildings in the world.

Niagra fall trip 2.

Haih , tak habih lagi pasai niagra falls , sebulan baru tulih. Hahahahaha

Oh yes  I forgot to share about the trip after that while we are in the area. 

After the hornblower boat trip, we continue on to Niagra by the lake. The township of niagra by the lake is one of the first canadian township. It is actually the first capital of Ontario before it was moved to Toronto in 1797. 

It is a very beautiful historical site, because the building's here is protected by heritage act and therefor it was the law to maintain the outer look of the building in this little town as it is. However the interior can be renovated. There are people living here folks!!. And stepping here feels like taking a journey to the early days.

Hubby and kids in front of an old house that is turned into shops. Most of the houses in the main street has been turned into a shop here.

Very beautiful. Trying to visualize how was this city look like in the 18th century.

Currently this place has been turned into tourist atraction where some tourist comes for a day trip or they can rent a homestay for a wekend getaway.

The sidewalk is filled with people just taking a sweet stroll down a beautiful neighborhood.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Niagra falls trip

On 27th september, we went on a very exciting sightseeing tour to Niagra Falls. 

And.... As usual, we will start with a geography lesson. Jeng jeng jeng.

So basically there is 5 great lakes in the land of North America 

All these water from these lakes eventually drain to the Anlantic Ocean. Water will flow from the highest sea level area lake which is Lake Superior to Lake Michigan and Huron to Lake Eerie and eventually to Lake Ontario, from Lake Ontario water will be going to the Pacific Ocean via St Lawrence River. 

So as I mention earlier, Lake Ontario is in a lower level from Lake Eerie, these water from Lake Eerie drain into Lake Ontario via Niagra Escarpment and that my friend is such a large pool of water. Thats where we're going, to see that waterfall.( I love geography and astronomy , cause its just teach us of how small we are.) 

So niagra falls consist of hoarseshoe fall, american fall and bridal veil fall.

Behind us is the cartoon image of all the 3 fall.

On the way to Niagra Falls we stop at the winery, and visit a vineyard.

Nice weather eh.
Green grapes.

And we were served a complimentary ....grape juice from the farm. Very nice.

Me in the bus to Niagra Falls. Happy habis. Saya suke nature sighseeing. :D.

Dah sampai. So down is the Niagra River, across that is the United States, and thats the rainbow bridge to cross from Canada to the States.

To enjoy the falls nearer we can take the boat which will bring us along the river and get nearer to the fall. 

Us ready to board.

Thats our boat. Behind is the American fall.

Thats the American fall from the above. You can see the boat jetty in front of the fall.

More pics of us on the boat , behind us is the American fall, later we will get nearer to the fall as the boat behind, and the spalsh is just

Just to share, thats how the American fall will look like from the American side, where they will see the water fall to a pit because they are from a higher ground. From the canadian site we will see a large water falling from a high level. ( would love to see the fall from American side). And see behind at the picture above, thats the American fall.

So after passing the American fall, the boat will go along the niagra river some more and make a turn at the hoarseshoe fall.

Me in front of the hoarseshoe fall.

Pics from my phone.

The great fall from above ( pics not from my phone) . Can you tell?. 

The horseshoe fall from above, can you see my boat? Hehehehhe. Well that is as far as the boat can go, the water turbulence near to the fall is too massive.

More of our wet pics near the tall falling water.

Really it so humbling to see and experience such wonder of nature with my own eyes. I went back and study the fall with google earth and realize how small this area actually is with regards to our planet.

Its like where???. Even all these great lakes ....humbling..


Canadian National Exhibition.

Hi!!! I have not been updating this blog for a while. Been busy!!. So lots a update to do.

On the last Sept 7th 2015, we went to our first CNE. It is the largest exhibition held annualy in Canada and has been held in Canada from way back in 1879. Wow!!..
There is so much thing to do and see in this exhibition, there is indoor and outdoor games, concert, kids show, international exhibition and booth, book fair, branded goods sale even the canadian airforce shows like LIMA langkawi. 

Once we arrive at the exhibition place, we went on the famous skyride.

Thats abah and Zuhayr in front while me, Diha and Harith share the same car right behind.

See all the way back from this picture, you can see the CN tower.

After the ride we went around the exhibition area, play some games, tried some of the local delicacies and lepak. 

It was such a cheerful and colorful place.

Penat berjalan, duduk lepak sekejap.

Abah with the largest slurpee drink in alien container. Here in Canada the slurpee do come in many flavours and brand. Just the other day we stop at one of the convenient store to get a quick drink. And the kids got so excited at the choices of iceblended drinks.

And few more rows of that. Hamek.


Later we spend time in the book fair, indoor exhibition and then off to the lake to watch the air shows!!

Ye yang kecik besar lalat dalam pic tu la the fighter jet, hahahahah.