Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spring trip-March - Chicago.

PDuring a long wekend in Canada we went for a short trip( long drive) to Chicago, 800km distance yo!! , Gigih!.

25 March 20016
We start our journey early at 730am. Met our family friend aka travel mate at the rest area along the highway and off to chicago we go. 

From Toronto we head west towards the US Detroit border. 

Ambassadors bridge connecting Canada( on the right) and USA ( on the left).

Here we are, the land of United States of America. Wohooo, i wuz here. This is detroit a city in Michigan State by the way. Chicago is the capital of Illinois state. To reach Chicago we have to cross the state of Michigan, Indiana State and arrive in Illinois. The distance from border is around 500km. 

Roughly the distance we have to cover. We arrive in Chicago at around 7pm local time. We save 1hour because there is an hour time difference between Chicago and Toronto. Punyelah jauh berjalan sampai cross another time zone. That night we had dinner at the hotel and went to walmart , walmart in the US is much better than the ones in Canada. They are generally cheaper and have more variety of products.

26 March 2016
Rise and shine in the morning and heads towards downtown chicago.

Chicago skyline.

We spend the day going around Chicago downtown, most of the atraction is within walking distance. 

The platinum park is pretty awesome. At the centre of the park is a very unique architectural structure call 'the bin' which reflects the whole chicago downtown building surrounding the park.

Platinum park is soo vast and beautiful.

Within the vast space in the platinum park there is a large playground with lots of slide, tower etc. the kids enjoyed this playgroud so much.

After spending sometime in the park we went into the heart of the city and had lunch. The building within the city is beautiful, one of the things really stands out for me is some old building amidst the new one. 

Then we took an architectural boat tour along chicago river.

Us on the boat.

We had so much fun, but its so windy and the wind is cold. 

Chicago skyline, a view from lake michigan.

27th March 2016
Today's agenda is Muzium of science and industry Chicago, one of the biggest science centre in North America and outlet shopping at the white house outlet michigan city.

On the way to downtown I manage to snap this train station along the highway. 

The science centre is huge!!!. We got to enter free of charge since we are the member of the Ontario science centre, these membership gave us free entrance to almost 300 science centre around the world. 

Ellooooo, we're here. 

Waaaaaaa !! Jakunnye kami heheheeh

They have this miniature city of chicago and a running miniature train that goes around this city, through small miniature mountains and another miniature city of seattle on the other side of this model.

Chicago town.

Seattle on the other side of the mountain. 

The kids try lots of science fun stuff in the muzeum.

The war section.

 We also went to lego exhibition.

This is this science centre miniature lego version.

The pyramid 

We spend about 4 hours in the muzeum and then head on to the outlet. Weeee

Above is not the outlet but a small town of which the outlet is located. Sad small town i would say this one however to my suprise within this little town tucked away neatly a small masjid. 

We would not have found this place if its not for google map.

Done shopping and praying , we went out for dinner that night.

Long John Silver , a seafood fastfood deli. 


28 March 2016.
Journey back today. Its gonna be a long drive home. I enjoy the ride of course. Mostly because of the beautiful sceneray , partially because I am not the driver. Muahahahah. 

Bye bye chicago, I really adore you. Thank you for such a wonderfull experience.


Friday, May 13, 2016

First ukhuwah session with the student and Madiha birthday

There are many Malaysian student in Toronto. We love to get to know all of them and offer any help we can, and its so good to know as many Malaysian as we can too. So we decided to hold a kenduri ukhuwah to call all of these student to our house for makan makan and sesi berkenalan. Caviat, student masak, heheeh tuan rumah sedia tempat and barang, heheheh mak tak larat nak masak banyak banyak you. 

So one fine saturday, the day of the events the students came and help cook in the kitchen.

Ramai orang kat dapur saya, best.

Someone tu pon jadi rajin tolong 'posing'. Hehehhe.

Together with this events we celebrate Madiha birthday sekali.

Yellow theme like the minions, diha favorite movie.

Happy birthday cayang ummi.

After cookings done , speech and .....

Makan. Yum yum, malay food , malay company. *bliss* . 

Nice get together and interaction session.

Solat and usrah too.

All of us had fun that day. We will love to have few more interactive session like this all through out the year. Next one will be iftar together, tarawikh, tahajud and sahur. Wow. 

Rumahku syurgaku.

I'm Hi!!!! I would like to write a post about our house. One day I would like to look back at this blog and cherished the memory of this beautiful house.

So a normal style house in Canada have a separate gust hall and family hall. 

So this is the guest hall.

At first ,I dont like the blue wall because it makes the guest hall felt caved in. Then once agreed by the owner, we paint it white. Yup we paint them ourselves. Labour wage is expensive here.

The boys helps halfway je la. 


Felt brighter now. Retrospectively looks nice now, but the process I tell you is reall a pain in the ***.

Yang rupe kampung ni family hall saye, kui kui kui.

For the rest of the house.

My guest dining. Still blue hall mase ni , heheheh

How guest serving look like.

My kitchen. Usually we ate here instead of in the dining.

Resting nook along the hallway.

The hallway.

My room.

I love the big window, 

The en suite toilet, toilet pon mau tunjuk kan hihihih.

The upper hallway that led to my kids room.

Madiha's room.

And We have 2 simmilar bedroom like this for each of the boys.

Kids toilet. Pon mau tunjuk kan, chait.

And houses in North America commonly have a basement.

The basement which we use as the praying area for large jamaah.

The toyroom are also in the basement.

Latest home pics as of october 2016

My beautiful neighbourhood. On the way back from school.

The new york painting close up.

The wall.

The powder room.

And my deck with flower bed.

I plant lavender and 3 bed of roses. Hoping to see them in the next spring.

The beautiful garden.