Friday, May 13, 2016

First ukhuwah session with the student and Madiha birthday

There are many Malaysian student in Toronto. We love to get to know all of them and offer any help we can, and its so good to know as many Malaysian as we can too. So we decided to hold a kenduri ukhuwah to call all of these student to our house for makan makan and sesi berkenalan. Caviat, student masak, heheeh tuan rumah sedia tempat and barang, heheheh mak tak larat nak masak banyak banyak you. 

So one fine saturday, the day of the events the students came and help cook in the kitchen.

Ramai orang kat dapur saya, best.

Someone tu pon jadi rajin tolong 'posing'. Hehehhe.

Together with this events we celebrate Madiha birthday sekali.

Yellow theme like the minions, diha favorite movie.

Happy birthday cayang ummi.

After cookings done , speech and .....

Makan. Yum yum, malay food , malay company. *bliss* . 

Nice get together and interaction session.

Solat and usrah too.

All of us had fun that day. We will love to have few more interactive session like this all through out the year. Next one will be iftar together, tarawikh, tahajud and sahur. Wow. 

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