Friday, May 13, 2016

Rumahku syurgaku.

I'm Hi!!!! I would like to write a post about our house. One day I would like to look back at this blog and cherished the memory of this beautiful house.

So a normal style house in Canada have a separate gust hall and family hall. 

So this is the guest hall.

At first ,I dont like the blue wall because it makes the guest hall felt caved in. Then once agreed by the owner, we paint it white. Yup we paint them ourselves. Labour wage is expensive here.

The boys helps halfway je la. 


Felt brighter now. Retrospectively looks nice now, but the process I tell you is reall a pain in the ***.

Yang rupe kampung ni family hall saye, kui kui kui.

For the rest of the house.

My guest dining. Still blue hall mase ni , heheheh

How guest serving look like.

My kitchen. Usually we ate here instead of in the dining.

Resting nook along the hallway.

The hallway.

My room.

I love the big window, 

The en suite toilet, toilet pon mau tunjuk kan hihihih.

The upper hallway that led to my kids room.

Madiha's room.

And We have 2 simmilar bedroom like this for each of the boys.

Kids toilet. Pon mau tunjuk kan, chait.

And houses in North America commonly have a basement.

The basement which we use as the praying area for large jamaah.

The toyroom are also in the basement.

Latest home pics as of october 2016

My beautiful neighbourhood. On the way back from school.

The new york painting close up.

The wall.

The powder room.

And my deck with flower bed.

I plant lavender and 3 bed of roses. Hoping to see them in the next spring.

The beautiful garden.

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