Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sail boat revisited

One fine saturday morning Harith wakes up as usual energized and full of ideas as usual and started to get wood sticks I bought for project usage and he started to tape them together in a row wanting to make a raft, once done he took a large basin fill them with water and test his raft, after a while the sticks started to disintegrade because the tape loose it stickiness once wet. My inventif son is sooo dissapointed and frantically try to put more tape but the wet sticks wont stick. Pitying him I help with a glue gun. And we started gluing the raft.

Lets make it will a sail ummi!!!! And i let him invent them. He have the idea and put them together and I help him there and here with execution. 
And then ...
Tadaaaa!!!! Our sail boat ia ready. 
We get a basin and put the boat in and it does not sink!! Yeay!! And the boys tries the sail by blowing on the sail and that works too!!! 
Then they started to put playmobil passengers in and see how many and how heavy load can their sailboat stand before sinking.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Green train.

Time for doing project with zuhayr. Yeay, he seems excited enough. So we gather our stuff and start. 

Uyay loves the colorfull button, told him to find those suitable to make the train wheels.
Then uyay started to color the train, i gave him the opportunity to choose the train color and chose green, he always loves green. 1 box, 2 box ,3 box then
He brings them outside to dry then 
he stop, and wanting to rest, but we have not finished uyay!! I said " i want harith to continue them" he said  hahhahah uyay!! . He just love to lepak this boy. So we waited for Harith to come home from school.
So harith came home and help out.
We glue on the tires, and Harith paint the windows, make the front of the train, the snout basically Harith took over uyay project! 
Tada!!!!Our very own green train!!! 
Though Harith did help him a lot in this project we still call them uyay green train, hopefully that will motivate him to do more.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My uyay the noti

My uyay love to 'lepak'. Quick to learn indirectly but when you put him in front of the table reading and holding pen and pencil you will need to use lots of creative persuasions. Today this is what i have to put up with lol.
While coloring reading tomica catalog, sambil menyelam minum air ni.
Then playing with the lorry pulak . 
Yeay done!! Now i can play. Uyay!!.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fruit tart

This is basically my version of fruit tart. Just love to bake. Easy and nice, no sweat. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Transfering water

This is an activity I invented inspired by montessory to help uyay finger grip using     kitchen stuff. Basically we need 2 cup to hold water and the concept is to transfer water from one cup to the other with different tools aka spoon, scoop, mucus suction. Kids love to do all this stuff. Indirectly apart from helping their finger grip you'll help their mind doing 3D calculation on which tools is faster and more efficient. Plus its fun.
All our stuff for learning today nicely laid on the table. 
Uyay using the scoop. 

A happy student. Hahhaa one on one learning, it can never be better than this. 

Streghtening fine motor sklills

I guess my effort have been very fruitfull. Now uyay fine motor skill is much better. I am still continuing fun activities to help him improves his pencil grip meanwhile encouraging him to do the classic coloring and cutting activities . 
This is how he holds his pen/ pencils initially.
Vigourously coloring with both hands!!! Hahhahah
After much practice and me helping him to hold the pencils correctly. 
Not bad sweetheart
Uyay and I in while doing our daily 'homeschool' activities. Love them. :)

Uyay and Iqra'

Alhamdulillah uyay now is willing and happy to learn iqra' . Suprisingly he is quick to understand and have good memories. He is advancing fast. I have started hafazan with him as well, he has memorizes al- fatihah. I think he has memorizes other surah that i taught Harith as well, the other day i heard him uttered the continuation of surah that harith is trying to remember. Clever!! 

See that 'manja ' face. :).

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Seri muka

Felt like eating a Malaysian traditional cuisine 'Seri Muka' so google the easiest recipe and hantam sajala. This one is quite ok. 

Base layer
2 cup glutinous rice
2 cup coconut milk
Salt and sugar ( a bit)

Steam for 30 min then press 

Top layer
1 cup flour
2 table spoon corn flour
2 1/2 cup coconut milk
1 cup sugar
1 egg
2 tablespoon pandan essence
1 teaspoon green coloring
Bit of salt

Pour on top of the pressed glutionous rice and steam for another 30 min

Tak sangka plak jadi :). Proud and as usual kembang hati.