Monday, May 26, 2014

Harith 7th year old birthday celebration

For Harith's birthday the theme is ' malaysia ' flags and red and white stripes.

Bendera berkibar di angkasa!!!!

There is this no cake rules only cupcakes are allowed so cupcakes it is.

I made a cupcake with a chocolate treasure in it, ...mmmmmm


White cupcakes
Red cupcakes.

Harith is busy preparing his stripes goody bag.

Thats the flag for the cupcakes.

The proud malaysia boleh goody bags.

In Harith class the proud birthday boy gets to sit on Ms Melissa's chair( his classroom teacher), and they loved it.

The class then sing him the birthday song and then ...

Enjoys the cupcakes.

Uyay wouldn't want to miss the fun.

It is lucky for us that adan and amruz came to saigon during this time and had the chance to celebrate Harith birthday's celebration together!! Whatfun!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Diha writing

My little doll loves writing, she just love it, she will want to do it if she saw a pencils, saw brothers writing, so sebok tuuuueeww!!
Let me share her writing pics tengah berkepoh.

Just for memories sake. ( in fact this blog is more for ummi's memories sake) .

Waaa rajinnye masing masing.

 Tekun habis dah tu. 

Soon after
Dok atas meja dah, utttyyyy!!!

DIY practical life tools- buttoning

I saw these tools in montessori blog, and the boys sometimes still struggling with the buttons and zips and stuff so well I made this.

This is abah old shirt, and those round stuff( i dont know the names) but its a knitting tools i think.


And let them practice buttoning.

I have more of these to turn into zipping, tying shoe string etc practice.

Zuhayr 5 years old birthdays celebration

This will be the first year that I will have the celebration of zuhayr and harith birthday differently, eversince zuhayr was born , since they both were born in May , they usually have the celebration together. So since this time zuhayr also have his own school with his own friends which he so profoundly proud of , i plan his birthdays to be celebrated in his school with his friends. The theme is LEGO!!! Yeay!!

As always I love doing the preparations together, i love to see their excited faces, their happy energy helping me preparing the stuff needed for the birthdays, always it is just simple stuff, but that whats counts. We will bake, decorate the cake together. Cut papers to adorn the goody bag together, put stuff in the goody bag together, count and arrange them. This simple stuff. By doing most things myself I end up not spending much, I invested most in the thoughts of creating a happy and memorable environments during the preparation and celebration time( ape ko merepek ni adlin? Hahahahahha)

While making the lego cake , i can see how excited uyay was, he will runing in and out of his play room to me, eager to help in every step, singing and became so chatty, once the lego cake is materialize he went and get his lego's and match them up with his cake, later i put the cake in the fridge, and he will go peep at his cake many times . 

Tada!!! The lego cake!!, it is far from perfect or beautiful, but well we did it!!

Then we start on the goody bag , uyay cut the picture and ummi paste it on the gift bags, and then we put the goodies in.

Uyay busy with the goody bags for his friends.

At school the teacher sit at the centre holding a sun, and let uyay hold a globe. They then started singing " the earth goes around the sun, The sun, the earth goes around the sun, its take 12 months, 52 weeks ,365 days, 1!!! , by the time uyay completes 1 round and they say uyay is 1 year old!, and since he is 5 years old, they continued the song and let uyay circle the sun 5 times, each one complete round they will shout 2! , 3 !. Which I thought was so brilliant to make the kids understand the fundamental of their age!! I love montessory ways!.

Then the birthday song and candles.

And uyay giving the goody bags to his friends.

Everything is so schweettttt!!

Science project- plants absorbs water

Saturday is science project day!!! Its my new year motto for the kids, every saturday we will try to do a science project.
So this saturday is about plants. And I am trying to demonstrate to the kids how plants absorbs water.

Things that we need includes food coloring , 4 water glasses/bottles and plants/vegetables/white roses.

I let the kids went on and put the food coloring coz they love to do it.

Then we put in the vegetables.

Let them sit for a day.

When the boys wakes up the next morning they just couldn't wait to see what becomes of their little experiements, in fact all through the day they keep on coming to the 'lab' to observe the progress.

Using the magnifying glass they observe closely how the veins of the vegetables are filled with the colored water.

Then I make the boys draw what they observed.

And of course someone cant wait to become little scientist too. Hehehehh.