Friday, May 9, 2014

Multipurpose colorful spindle bottles

I have been gathering the boys icecream sticks for quit awhile, and i got lots of these cute yogurt bottle, now I am turning them into a multipurpose developmental toys.

I paint 10 bottles with 10 different colors along with the ice cream sticks with acrylic paint. (Acrylic paint are so usefull , it is water base but once dried does not easily shed with moister)

And label them with number 1-10.

So basically these bottles can be used for color sorting, counting amd introducing the kids mathematical concept and more creative activities.

Let me give some examples,

Color sorting activities.

Counting ice cream sticks and sort it with the equal numbers.

Uyay is counting the sticks and put them according to the numbers, but he wants to sort them with colors to, counting and sorting.

Now a bit on mathematical concept of additional and subtraction .

Sorting game with diha

But so far Diha just put the bear inside the bottles without sorting the colors.

The bottles can also be use to mount balls for coordination practice for diha.

And there are multiple use for these colorfull bottles and sticks. But since the bottles are made of glass special care must be taken when given to small toddlers like diha, i do wish i can make this bottles instead from wood base material. I am still exploring more developmental activities using my DIY set.

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