Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Winter trip 2016

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Hi!!! I've not not been updating my blog a long time. There is so much to write. Please dont ask me about my new year resolution.....i'm still hopefull to eventually keep up though. So its the 17th week, 3 down and 14 books to go.....yes yes i am still very optimistic. Duuhh yelah tuuuuu. Lol.

Ok lets start my travel log now. I am gonna write it like a diary entry sort off.

February 2016 Winter trip Ottawa-Mont Tremblant- Montreal trip.

10th February 2016
Starting out trip today, and its been snowing the whole week. Both of us are quite nervous, do not know what to expect travelling in a cold snowy day in a foreign country, takut tapi gatal nak berjalan. 
Early in the morning after breakfast we drove to Ottawa using the country road instead of the Highway.

Thats roughly how the road looks like, interesting in a way that we can see the life along the highway, houses, barn and animals, lakes, rivers. After a long stretch we will reach a small town with more poplulation, sometimes we we will stop for coffee , gas or snack.

A small town like this.

After about 4 hours of driving. Tada!!!

Arrive in Ottawa. Its a very simple beautiful capital of Canada. Actually its hard to imagine that this city is the Capital of the Canada. Anyway its beautiful.

Us at the Ottawa Mosque, it is surprisingly big just like one of the Mosque we usually see in Malaysia. In a country like this to see this kind of mosque is quite rare. Due to the extremely cold weather about -14c we only drove around Ottawa city. We did stop for a while at the Confederation Park to visit the site of Winterlude Winter Festival which showcase spectacular ice sculptures. 

Its about 430 pm at the time but its almost getting dark.

Notice behind a Malaysian flag? Thats because one of the grand ice sculpture featured behind are by a Professional  Malaysian ice sculpterer. Malaysia Boleh!!!

In front of beavertail shop. Its a signature pastry dessert of Ottawa. Its very nice. After walking around for awhile we decided to call it a day and head off to our host house. Time to catch up with friends over a very delicious dinner by the host. 

11th February 2016

Rise and shine early excited for another wonderfull winter activity. And the weather tada!!!!! -16c huhuhuhu. For an outdoor activity in such a cold weather we have to dress in multiple. 2 layers of inner , then cloths then sweater then winter coat, double socks ,double gloves, head covering, scarf. Today we are going to skate at the famous rideau canal, its the longest ice skating rink in the world. It is a water canal except in the winter season when the canal water freezes up and is turn into a tourist iceskating rink. 

There you go, atop the frozen river. All the way along the canal the city provides rest area with bathrooms, heated changing lounge, stalls selling hot beverages and snacks, some sitting area as well.

Me and the kids we just skate around the entrance area , people could skate around the lenght of the canal skating rink which takes miles to complete. However the weather was exceptionally cold that day for us to skate that long.

I rent a skating cart to skate and bring madiha around. Sometimes we would sit down and have hot coffee and snacks at the chair provided. We stayed on for few hours and then decided that we could not take the cold anymore and head back. We skip another winter activity at the park and decided to do some indoor activity instead.

Yep we went to the war muzeum, obviously chosen by the boys.

Zuhayr favorites warcraft is the aircraft carrier. We walk around the muzeum, see lots of large strong warcraft, i asked Harith about most of the war craft, he knows quite a number of them.

12th February 2016.
Time to continue our journey again. Today we are heading off to Mount Tremblant. A very famous skii resort in Quebec.

To our surprise we needed to ride a ferry to cross the river with this route. Wow best!!

The water surface actually freeze up.

A bunch of orang jakun naik ferry through frozen water

Driving along the road the view is magnificent.

And we are almost there!!

Tada !!!! We are here!!! It is so beautiful.

Lots of skiers and snowborders at the base of the ski hill.

I have one here already, gaya dah siap , action blom lagi. Soon.

Behind us are Mont Tremblant village.

Our stay in Mont tremblant with complete kitchen.

The bedrooms.

13 February 2016 

We only stays one night in Mont Tremblant. At night we went for tobagoning activities. The next day the temp went into deep freezes at -30c. Brrrr, no outdoor activities. I remember seeing Madiha tears turn into icicles in an instance. Whaaaaaattttttt!!!!!! It is so cold!!! Its a really a nice experience to stay in the deep freezer for a while. Huhuhuh.

In the morning we stop by Mont Trembalant village for a while and then head on to Montreal.

Its a short 1h 45 min drive from mont tremblant to montreal. As always the drive scenary along the way is spectacular. Upon arrival at montreal , we will see a lot of houses with a wrought iron outdoor stairs, thats is one of the trade mark of montreal.

Houses around downtown montreal. The 2nd floor house stairs is situated outside the townhouse style building. 

Our hotel rooms. Complete 2 twin bed and single sofa bed with a complete kitchen.

We spend 2 days in montreal mostly going around in the car due to the exreme cold weather outside. Montreal is a beautiful town with aesthetic european style building. 

We also went up to Mont Royal at the heart of downtown montreal. We can see the whole of montreal city at the top of this hill.

Us in front of St Patrick Bassilica.

15 February 2016
Heading home today. Its a 5h and a half drive for a total of 528km from Montreal  back to our house in Toronto. What an experience driving in the winter, along the way out of sudden the windscreen develop  frost due to water particles in the air that got frozen when it hit our car wind screen. Lol. Apart from that the drive was smooth. We make a few stop for toilet and coffee and arrive home before dark. And dark in winter means before 5pm. Hahahaha.

Well thats it our first ever winter trip.


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Zuhayr fighter jet

Hi!!!!i have not been blogging for a loooooong time. I just could not find the time or do not have the muse for it. Ok so i have to start where I left off I think in January. Wanna share this first. We have not done this for awhile as well.

Zuhayr has been watching mr maker and wanted to do one of their project which is a fighter plane. 

So we did.

I always kept some boxes just for this purpose and we start to cut them in shape.

Zuhayr did most of the work. Cutting shaping , sticking.

To make it look fat and fancy we have to put lots of tube like cardboard.

Then the whole thing is covered with paper and glue, art attack style.

Zuhayr looking very happy that his project went halfway succesfully.

Once dry, painting time. 
Zuhayr did most of the painting, We are forced to let Madiha hold the paintbrush and help with some painting or she wont stop nagging.

Fine detailing once paint dried.

Done , yeay!!!!

Wow , not bad at all.