Thursday, November 7, 2013

Juice pops!!

Ideas for projects are derives from everywhere!! This time from Special agent OSO cartoon. They are making juice pops, looks easy enough, and the boys love them. Jimat duit tak yah beli ice cream!!

Pouring the juice in the ice making tray, then put sticks, this is a wooden disposable chopsticks that is cut shortened.

Then we freeze them up overnight.

The boys just cant wait to have them, tak mandi lagi !! Pagi lagi!! Dah makan ice cream!!

Strong bridge

Another cartoon I let Harith see in the ipad is magic school bus, it is a very educational cartoon teaching lots about science and science invention and project in a very interesting ways. The boys always wanna do what they saw. In one episode, the kids are making a string bridge structure using material they find around the house that is hairpin and gum drop( iyeww!) , well so i have to improvised.

Initially we make the bridge using playdough and toothpicks. Hoping that once the playdough has dried up it would hold the structure together.

But it doesn't work, the playdough once dry is quite 'rapuh'. So i have to get another material that can resemble gum drop.

Then we tried with eraser, cut into small pieces, and construct the bridge structure again.

Yeay!! It works!! Let see how long it stays that way.

Making our own plane

Yes, yes, the kids make me help them makes soo much plane craft, sometimes I even have to fold them origami plane, or a flying jey fighter plane. This time, we make a plane out of cardbox with a functional rotating propeller, an idea from art attack. 

Look at someone down there tu, nak tolong tu !!, nak tolong ke nak kacau diha!!

The boys are now pasting shreded paper with glue on the plane model that is constructed by cupboard to make the plane model strong.

Once dried after a few days, harith draw designs on the plane then paint them.

Uyay is now big enough to help out on most of the work. Together they color the plane's surface. 
Dried and done ! Yeay!!

Bottle paint

Today we did a simple activity of painting bottles, initially i wanted to leave some area of the glass bottle not painted as a design like eyes and mouth and once we put candle in it it looks like a halloween pumpkin of sorts, but decided againts it. So we have all area of the bottle painted and once dried they serve as a nice colorfull deco at our toilet window. Hahhaha, it is tottaly cool.
 I bought those empty bottle at a supermarket , apparently it is made for those who wanna make homemade yogurt.

Its quite a new experience for the boys to be painting inside this time.

Once done they look so nice together. 

Now as a window deco, we can put candle in them later, or even an air freshener, or both. Cool!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

pearl white sands

I found the recipe for this brilliant idea in pinterest. My son loves playing with sands but somehow, its hard to go to any beaches here as a short trip, you either have to fly or take a 4-5 hours journey on a car. So I make my own sands with flour mix with cooking oil(the recipe is with baby oil, but what a waste!!. The outcome is very satisfying, I got a very clean white sands that smells good too. Later I put all the DIY white sands in the mini swimming pool and let the boys plays with them indoors. Even my little Diha had a great time dipping her foot in them.

This is the consistency of the floor, not so sticky not to powdery either. its about 5 cups of flour to a cup of oil. 
 Indoor sand box, awesome, they can play all day without getting sunburn but then need to monitor these boys or soon they will become too creative as to playing with the sand outside the box!!

 Diha loves them so, sploshing her feet in there and grabbing the sand and destroying her brother's sand castle.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A day with Uyay

While Harith at school, I will do my homeschooling with Uyay. Nothing impressive, just some simple counting, reading and writing, Iqra' and hafazan as well. We use mostly toys, 3D stuff but I have to familiarize him with pen and paper as well. The class usually lasted for less than an hour. Then he will play and rest had lunch ,sleep and then its time to pick up big bro.

Workbook activity to let him practice pencil grip

I love to work with uyay counting with this wood tablet. 

We also work with ipad

If we read books uyay have so much to say, hahaha its hard to finish the whole book.

At Harith school picking Harith. 

Parachute and rocket

One fine day, Uyay and I make a brand new rocket, and then Harith came home with his parachute project he did at school. At home he manage to do more parachute and one for little Uyay. What uyay did attached his beloved green rocket to the parachute and drop it down at little height.It works!!, as little inventors point of view!. LOL.

Hold the paper and cut them yourself Uyay.

  Uyay is proud with his rocket, he will then hold this for a few days, showing them to everybody.

  Harith making the parachute.

 Then attaching them to Uyay green rocket.
 ready to put the parachute to the test.

Guitar and a star

Like I always said Harith cant see an empty box, i will tell him if you want the empty box, plan first what you wanna do with them, if not no. So i let him do with the box a guitar which he plan to make. He do them all by himself , initially securing the guitar string( using rubber band ) with tapes which doesn't hold te strings long. I help him make hold to sew the string in. After he is done with the guitar color them and all, he started playing them , singing a song he compose by himself. Harith you are my STAR darling. 

Hot bubble bath

During the school spring break, we set out our very own hot bubble bath.
The hot water is boiled water I boiled and pour, yep very traditional and the bubble is from soap, not from some water jet that produce bubble water heheheheh.
Yep they had sooo much fun, and played until all their fingers all crinkly, oh yes of course the water just stay hot for a while.hahahahahha

 Ummi nak masuk jugak, but well all the water will overflowed out then. better not!!! Well at least they have some outdoor fun.

Windmill provides mechanical energy

Harith loved to watch this cartoon at you tube call magic school bus , i let them watch that because its really educational and scientific. One story is about free renewable energy with using winds and solar power and Harith wants to do it. At school he learned how to make a wind mill with paper and sticks, so we set about and did the science project. Our pilot project has its limitation though. But overall it is quite a succes. 
Setting up 2 wind mills using boxes.
Setting a conveyer belt, or can also be a cable car string anything that need mechanical movement, basically the idea is making windmill to moves the motor that moves a string mechanically. 
Putting the windmill to the test by puting in line with fan as wind. 
Those strings actually moves!!! But due to the technicality and limitation of tools it does not run continously. Well ..... but thats how we learn kan? Hope to do more invention that are more robust next time. Maybe other time we will work on this project again.