Sunday, November 3, 2013

pearl white sands

I found the recipe for this brilliant idea in pinterest. My son loves playing with sands but somehow, its hard to go to any beaches here as a short trip, you either have to fly or take a 4-5 hours journey on a car. So I make my own sands with flour mix with cooking oil(the recipe is with baby oil, but what a waste!!. The outcome is very satisfying, I got a very clean white sands that smells good too. Later I put all the DIY white sands in the mini swimming pool and let the boys plays with them indoors. Even my little Diha had a great time dipping her foot in them.

This is the consistency of the floor, not so sticky not to powdery either. its about 5 cups of flour to a cup of oil. 
 Indoor sand box, awesome, they can play all day without getting sunburn but then need to monitor these boys or soon they will become too creative as to playing with the sand outside the box!!

 Diha loves them so, sploshing her feet in there and grabbing the sand and destroying her brother's sand castle.

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