Thursday, November 7, 2013

Strong bridge

Another cartoon I let Harith see in the ipad is magic school bus, it is a very educational cartoon teaching lots about science and science invention and project in a very interesting ways. The boys always wanna do what they saw. In one episode, the kids are making a string bridge structure using material they find around the house that is hairpin and gum drop( iyeww!) , well so i have to improvised.

Initially we make the bridge using playdough and toothpicks. Hoping that once the playdough has dried up it would hold the structure together.

But it doesn't work, the playdough once dry is quite 'rapuh'. So i have to get another material that can resemble gum drop.

Then we tried with eraser, cut into small pieces, and construct the bridge structure again.

Yeay!! It works!! Let see how long it stays that way.

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