Saturday, November 2, 2013

Windmill provides mechanical energy

Harith loved to watch this cartoon at you tube call magic school bus , i let them watch that because its really educational and scientific. One story is about free renewable energy with using winds and solar power and Harith wants to do it. At school he learned how to make a wind mill with paper and sticks, so we set about and did the science project. Our pilot project has its limitation though. But overall it is quite a succes. 
Setting up 2 wind mills using boxes.
Setting a conveyer belt, or can also be a cable car string anything that need mechanical movement, basically the idea is making windmill to moves the motor that moves a string mechanically. 
Putting the windmill to the test by puting in line with fan as wind. 
Those strings actually moves!!! But due to the technicality and limitation of tools it does not run continously. Well ..... but thats how we learn kan? Hope to do more invention that are more robust next time. Maybe other time we will work on this project again.

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