Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Concrete jungle camping

On one of the weekend while we are in Malaysia Harith and all his cousins went camping at..... Grenny's front porch. Wahahhahha. They have their torch light, barbeque by the grill instead of fire next to the garage pole instead of the tree's. They do activity in the tent such as watching ipad instead of storytelling. And they swim in the pool instead of waterfall and river. But instead of all the modern compensation they are having a blast!!. One day someday when they are bigger , i'll bring them to the real camping adventure InsyaAllah


40 days? 44 days? 100 days? Confinement confinement oh soo boring, all the stuff you cant eat, all the things u cant do, cant be out. What do I do? Well once the boredom become unbearable what else do i do? Bake la lagi . And once its has passed over happy la me. :D

Back in saigon

I'm back !! Oh I love my home and missing them so much. Back to my things and stuff as a simple SAHM. Cooking, baking, doing stuff with my kids. And now with diha , how exciting to see her grow right before my eyes :D.