Friday, March 22, 2013

Nur Ain Madiha

My darling princess was born at 14 March 2013 at 4.43 am . I feel so blessed. We named her Nur Ain Madiha which means Cahaya Mata yang Terpuji in Malay. She is as beautifiul as her name. We love her deeply.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My mini pavlova

Last friday I was so excited. We are having our 'geng Adlin' reunion ( UKM Medical School friends)on Saturday and my friend from Kuantan, Kota Bharu and Penang are coming over to KL for this special occasion. I love to brag bout by baking success ( perasan sendiri actually) with them so they make special request to try them. I cant bake all of them so I bake only mini pavlova and molten lava chocolate cake. We had our nostalgic reunion at The Zest Restauran Marriot Putrajaya. I felt so happy to meet all of them, changing lives stories and events. L

Fruit cake

My sisters call me minah lorat coz i lovveee the lorat stuff, baking, decorating, arts and crafts. I love to bake for the sake of baking not so much of eating them. Kalau boring je nak bake, and once its done I just love to bask in the satisfaction. So today after the so so hot noon day at Malaysia has passed and my mom's kitchen felt much much cooler, I started baking my sponge cake. Later I apply the icing and toppings. Wallaahh beautiful sponge cake. Happy me. :D

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Train and trem

Last saturday I brought the kids and my vietnamese maid to a train rides. Yup, they have not been on one. They are soooo excited, we stop at KLCC have lunch and went home. Later in the afternoon we went to kuala selangor, then I took the kids on a trem rides up to Bukit Malawati. What a full day for the boys, pagi urban trip petang rural trip.

Cardbox frame

Penat sangat dah, morning to school, afternoon play and revision of SSIS syllabus , late afternoon play at playground and at night he still wants to do arts!!! Seriously Harith, ummi has to help this ambitious young boy. Halfway, tertido LOL, my dear Harith. Well but ummi still share them here.

New tools for uyay homeschool!!

While shopping baby stuff the other day I found this!!! And the best thing about them is , they are soooo afordable. This is basically wood tools that teaches basic math, coordination and observational skills. These are one montessory method that I learned. Teaching young minds involve lots of using all 5 sense. Not just pen and paper, numbers and alphabet.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Uyay starting back home school at granny's house

After few weeks of settling down and shopping , now i have more time at home to start back uyay homeschool :). Alhamdulillah. I do misses lots of my tools in saigon to help uyay with his learning. Since we dont have it here, ummi just need to be more creative. Isn't it?

My birthday cupcakes

I didn't have any special celebration for my birthday, just a simple wishes from friends and family. But as I said in view of trying to teach the kids some awareness and apreciation, i plan a simple cake baking activities with my kid and their cousins. Since in Malaysia now, my niece join all art and craft activities. Its much better in all sense, I can see that my kids are extra excited to do the activities with more freinds. Despite their constant involvement in the process of baking the cake. The cake turn out just so perfect!!