Monday, August 31, 2015

Home sweet home.

Nope. We haven't move in to our permanent home yet here. Here I would like to share pics of our home back in Malaysia. I love my home in Malaysia. We bought it back in 2006 and it current value now is triple from what it was back then when we buy them. It is so near to hubby office and my workplace too. We did small renovation before we moved in from vietnam, really nothing much just paint job and some minor fixing . Minimal interior decorating . Its quite small though compared to our phu my hung house back in Vietnam. Especially the balcony. The balcony in this changkat home is rather pathethic, lol though due to current situation now of housing trend in Malaysia, we are lucky to even have a decent size balcony at all. 

Lifestyle is so different back then in Malaysia. During daytime, i am at my work place, on wekends since we are in Malaysia we spend the weekends with family, balik kampung, visiting siblings houses, i have lots of weekend courses as well. I would say i rarely spend time at home in the day. 

Here is my home tada!!!!

Thats the hall. My main color is grey and white. Both chair at the sides is from Vietnam. And I bought the black semi sofa bed kat Malaysia.

Our dining area. 

Featuring my thrifty chandelier -- i think its just about Rm80-- beli kat mane?? Ha ha jeng jeng jeng, that you have to PM me. 

The hall and dining area again with a different lighting.

So my most favorite moment spent at my Changkat home is in the afternoon after work. After work I will go and pick up Harith first at Sekolah Agama not far from the house. Then we will drive home, sometime I will make a quick stop at groceries store nearby to buy some stuff otherwise we just go straight back home. 
-On the initial part of staying here, my vietnamese maid has not arrived yet ( long story) so ibu stays at home and help takes care of Diha while I am working. So after both of us are done with our afternoon prayers, we will sit down for coffee's together. I will usually bring home 'kuih' that i bought from work, ( either buy them in the morning at various kuih stall around the hospitals, or order pulut panggang from my clinic staff) ibu loves pulut pangang and we will sit together chatting and enjoyed the coffee and savory. I really cherished this beautiful chit chatting over coffee moment with my mom.
-when my maid has arrived, i will arrive home to bouncy , done dinner and bath kids, and all i have to do is took my bath, pray then bring my coffee and dinner( light snacks) to the tv sit with my kids and watch my favorite show 'House Hunter International'. -----dreamy look----yes i miss those little beautiful moments in life. 

Its might not looking much guys, but this is the glimpse of the best moments of my life ( as a working mom) the smell of arriving home from work----dreamy look---. I love to arrive home to my kids. I miss them everyday at work. 

Then , upon realizing that I am home, they will start come running and bouncing as happy as their sappy mommy. --laugh---. Yes ummi ni senti sket ye.

For the rest of the house..

Across the hall dining area, there is this corridor where all the rooms and bathroom door is situated, the condo is set to give some privacy to the rooms this way.

Above my friend is the picture of corridor from pinterest that I use as my inspiration for my corridor. Same tak???? Hehehehe, bole la kan.

The rooms

If you notice at the side of my dressing table, the structure holding my husband's tie and my scarf is jeng jeng jeng ... The kids baby court side railing!!!. Creative recycling.

My room. Thats my favorite bedlinen from vietnam. I love the colors and the beautiful handmade work.

Diha's room. Somehow i have more pics of the kids rooms. I'll add more when i found them.

My small dry and wet kitchen. Back in Malaysia, i rarely cook or bake though. I am so spoil in Malaysia, so many good food doorstep away. ---Sheepish smile---. (Pemalas masak kaw ni, bukan malas tak pandai je )

Last but not least or actually least is my small balcony, enough for abah to sit and smoke his 'fresh air'. I do sit out sometimes having coffee with hubby while marveling at KL traffic. 

Overall, we always love the convenience of our beautiful little house, because its near to our workplace. though I realize it started to feel more and more crampy inside. I pity the kids, having not much space to run around. They cant even run downstairs to play at the small playground at the club house as well in view of safety issue in Malaysia. Plus due to my work, I rarely do any craft or lesson activities with the kids. 

Memories of living a year in Malaysia in between posting is still a beautiful one leaving much for me to remember and cherished. The family we go back to, the people i got to know while back to work, the things i relearn to be a good and doctor, and many more.



  1. What a nice house that you have Adlin. I am sure, size is doesn't matter as long as our family is stick together. Tapi sedeykan, kiddos nak main kat playground pun tak boleh. Aku nak lepaskan derang main kat luar pagar pun tak bagi unless aku ade sekali ngan derang...Back then, in schedule also quite hectic..juggling between career and family is a tough duty. 3 months without hubby and helper was a nightmare for me! hahaha...nasib baik dah tender, tak der la rase guilty sgt masuk lmbt kluar awal. Pffttt...but now, I can breath in and out calmly...hats off to all mommies out there!!!

    1. Yes nani. All energy is spent on work not much left for the kids. I am thankfull to be given this opportunity. i understand most of momies out there have not much choice. To all supermom out there we are cheering for your resilient. Nani come over kay sometime. Aku dah sampao nipon dah 😄

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