Monday, March 31, 2014

Madiha 1 year old birthday

My little Diha is already 1 year old. How time flies. We have decided to celebrate her birthday with her cousin Damia 6th year old birthday at an indoor playground at paradigm mall.

I always enjoys the process and preparation in any upcoming events as much as I love the events itself. For me thats how we can enjoy life for loving everything about it, looking back these are the things that will stay as a precious memories. For Madiha birthday party the fun craftworks( nothing much) have started a week ahead.

Our theme is hello kitty!!! So its all about pink, white, black stripes, cute cat, ribbons , and just about anything cute for the 2 cute little girls.

I started with the goody bag. I went to a craft shop and bought theese brown paper bag for less than RM 1 each. And painted them pink with acrylic color.

My boys help paint the paper bag white( initially I wanted the boys goody bag to be white with black stripes, but those paper bag with white does not turn out nice et all.

So instead i made primary color bag for boys looking like lego later.

Thats the boys bag inspired by lego (chewahh xde rupe lego ponnnn)

The girls pink goody bag.

The boys colorfull lego goody bagss.

Next is of course the cake (hofkossss!!!) and I enjoyed doing them myself too.

Step 1, find your inspiration ......yeah thats not my cake...-sheepish smile--

Ehem so I dont feel so fit to bake them myself --sheepish smile again--, i went and buy a butter cakes no round one, so square cake then.

Tada!!! 3 tier tuuuuu!! X nak kalah..!!!

Cutting the process short, cover with pink icing, let it set in the fridge then add more deco.
(i am not so in love with this shocking pink , oh well, anyway, and i cant find mini cute hello kitty hard dolls to put on the cake so improvised, i got some hello kitty cute wood figure and decorate them on top later my sis in law gave me this big hello kitty porcelein head to plant at the top. Hahhahah

Iiiiiiii pink nye cake die !!! ....

And then the cupcakes....and rajin nak buat sendiri jugak...konon

So i got this cupcakes and gave them a new white dress and 

Well anyway soon I realize whipp cream does not work in this kind of topping , its not hard enough to last. So I make my own harder toppings then, butter cream topping( 2 part of icing sugar, 1 part butter)

Haa amekk keras kaw topping.

Hmmm what else, oo yess the cupcakes flag

Google some cute hello kitty, print them out, cut them out and cut pink and white hard paper, and stick them on toothpick.

Tada!!! Oh well thats about all that I did. And buy some pink and white balloon which i didn't use in the end and did my own white and pink felt birthday banner.

Again nothing much..

And went shopping for the birthday gurl gown,!!!!

Awwww, so schweeeeetttt!!!

My lii doll in her pink baby doll dress
Blum party lagi,  banyak nye gamba snapp!!! Hover mak!!

All prissy pink and white with some stripes of black ....--aahhh dreamyyy eyes---

Oh well in truth there's lots more color involve !!!! Hahhahah oh well... Its still so sweet.

The other beautiful cake is damia's birthday cake. Tanteknyeee

And ready to blow the candle (damia is the one with a peace fingers)

And lets the party begins!!!!

Kids busy playing and playing and playing

Taking short break to gobble the food and go play again

Adults eating and chatting

There's no better way to remember my little girl first birthday party. ----dreamy sighh aaaahhh----


Fruit basket

Recently while shopping in my favorite art suplies shop( yes I love window shopping in art supply store, since small) I bought this air dried clay not the usual kids modelling clay that never harden. Well Harith never let new things sit for long and nagging me to make stuff with it. 

So we make a little cute fruit basket.

And the modelling work begin ( gentel gentel)

Diha is helping too

Done!!! And now we wait for them to air dried( on top of the basketball court hahhahaha), after about 2 minutes and it wont start to dry up and harden ( yes my boys are quite inpatient, sighhh) i start googling the faster way to dry  this type of clay and found out that we can bake it!!! So we did.

Done !! Hard as a stone.

Then the painting work begins.

While waiting for the color to dry we make a basket using glue and rope

We put glue on a small baloon, depends on how big the basket you plan to make.

Then wound up the rope around and wait for the glue to dry overnight.

Once the glue is dried up we can pop the baloon and slowly slide the well shape basket out.

And then we arrange the fruit inside it, overflow la pulak

Proud and happy boy!!

Fun yogurt breakfast

One morning, feeling very creative I took out a yogurt cart of 4 in the fridge and start adding little color to them .


I put some in a plastic tray planning to let diha finger paint with them, however this little 'notty' hates cold stuff she wont even touch it hahahahah, ( maybe you have more luck with your child). 

Oh well then i went on for the boys fun activities

This will be their breakfast as well, I set up a breakfast table, prepare a bread knife to be use to spread yogurt on the bread.

Makan makan

Yum yum

Such a filling simple fun activities

P/s asyik buat simple activities jerrr hehehhehhehehe