Saturday, August 6, 2016

Ripley Aquarium

Its a long summer school holidays here. The boys went to islamic summer camp from monday to wednesday and thursday and friday is ummi and kids time. Sometime we went for movies or swimming. 

This time we went to Ripleys Aquarium in downtown Toronto. The kids got 50%discont ticket distributed on their last school day in fact they got a whole booklet of free entrace or discounted entrance to a lot of attraction around Toronto. 

Us walking to the place . We followed abah to office and from my husband's office all downtown attraction are roughly within walking distance. Toronto is a very walking friendly city.

Will share few pictures of us inside the aquarium.

The coral reaf sini we all nampak nemo and dori.

Then we went into the revolving aquarium. Its so big and very very interesting. We saw lots of shark!!! 

More shark.

The complete pose picture of the kids.

The kids playing with waterway, boat and model of great lakes to describe the system.

Look at the size of those lobster .

The view above the aquarium. Made to imitate the beach shorline and then aquarium is the sea. 

Anemeni is actually a clon creature.

I totally forgot about the name of this sea creature but one structure of a leaf there is actually a million of them who's each actually a size of and ant leg. So they got connected with each other and live this way. 

There is more amazing facts we learn from this visit such as the most expensive fish ever sold is a tuna in Japan at a whooping 1.8million dollars.perrgghhhh.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Cherry , Yellow Plum And Peaches Picking

Hi there. I have not blogged for so long.i am now trying a new apps in my samsung galaxy tab hopefully it makes me update my blog faster

Yeah thats sums up the fruits.

So last Saturday we went to Cherry Avenue Farm St Catherine.

Awesome place. I love the whole place. MasyaAllah looking at the farm reminded me of Surah Al-Kahfi of the 2 friends one who's boastful about his life blessing due to his farm. Looking at farms like this makes me understands why human can be driven with pride due to them.

So this is Us in front of cherry trees. This is how cherry trees looks like. Short and stumpy.

And thats how the cherries looks like on the trees.

To pick the fruits thats stays higher on the trees we have to use a ladder.

The ripe cherries is marrony in color. The red one like this is still young and a bit sour still. 

There my full basket of cherries. Tak penuh lagi tu. Kami petiks sampai penuh and its just cad5 for the full basket.

Then we went on a small tractor to go to anothet part of the farm. This time yellow plum.

Look at those fruits. MasyaAllah banyaknye.

The kids really enjoy picking this plums. However depa main petik je. The yellow plums is so sweet. But the young small ones punyela masam . Full dah bakul.

Then we go to another tractor trip to go to peaches tree.

Really really loving this. Look at all those peaches.

The ambience at the farm. Its so peacefull so peacefull and calm.

My friend and I resting while enjoying the farm and waiting for the tractor to bring is to the main farm. We have to pay for the fruits and then sit down for a picnic.

Statue behind me of kids picking cherries.

The picnic tables and the food and our friends enjoying the meal. The weather was great warm with cold breeze.

It was such a fun day at the farm. Later on that day we went on for a breezy walk at port dollies marina just near the farm area along lake Ontario. It is the lake side across from toronto and we can see a hint of Toronto skyline from the other side of the lake.