Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Playground in the city.

While finalizing our permanent house, we currently stayed at a service apartment at downtown Toronto. I feel its just perfect for me to explore the city of Toronto fully. Since its so near, hubby actually just walk to work everyday.

We can even view his office from here.

Within walking distance is the CN tower. And a train heritage park nearby. The kids enjoy the morning walk to the park and its playground. 

Us walking at the park. I am actually in love with all this beautiful glass building around Toronto. Its really stunning.

At this time of the year, the weather is stil perfect and sunny. Its do look bright and sunny in this picture but the temperature is quite cool at 22c making the sun feels so invitable. That tall freestanding building  behind that play area is the CN Tower.

There is this beautiful train heritage park with few beautiful old train models with old tracks.
However to top it all.....

An actual moving train that brings people around the park'!,!,!!

Well I mean mini train for kids, that allows adult to board with their kids. Looks at the happiest and most excited faces all the way to the back! Ke yang balakang tu je yang over-excited? Lol.

What is that?? That i s an actual water tank for the little train, who goes around using steam engine.

Then, after the kids done flexing all their muscle. We go home rest, eat snacks and start our homeschool. I will share a out it in the next post. Stay tune. :). Thank you for reading. 

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