Thursday, September 17, 2015

Toronto sightseeing part 2.

We visited more places around Toronto with the bus during the weekdays while hubby at work.

We went to St Lawrence market, the best fresh food market in Toronto.

Thats is what the market looks like within. So clean and neat.Surprisingly the structure looks familiar...hmmm

Like tada... Ben than market. * Feeling nostalgic*. However the structure is the only thing that is similar about these 2 buildings. 

The shops in St Lawrence market sells fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, beef, chicken, ranges of cheese, cookis, bread, cakes and many more. The shops are not so packed together.

Among the goods in the market, i really like the market, its really pretty, even the food is arrange in such that is just looks so beautiful.

In another day we went to see the china town . Toronto is such a multicultural cities that it has lots of such ethnic town, such as korean town, little italy, little india and many more. 

Really feel like we are in China. Then suddenly we found something rather unique.

A drawing of ben than market!!!. It is actually drawn at the wall of a vietnamese restaurant.

Looking closer its actually drawn by a famous artist Minh Duc himself. Hmmmmm....interesting.

Then we went over to Kensington market. The shops are uniquely situated at rows of houses. This is where the hippies of the city chill. 

Well thats all for our Jalan-jalan story. Thank you for reading. Muah.


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