Saturday, September 5, 2015

Homeschool for now.

Schools in Canada will be open by early September. I am a bit worried for the kids and I do not know what to expect on the syllabus of schools here. Alhamdulillah I found few books which gives me some idea. Harith will go to grade 3 and Zuhayr will go to grade 1 this school year.

I got some exercise books for math, science and story book to for the kids to practice their reading.

Yang kecik tu will kacau soon enough. So ummi have to give her something to distract her as well.

Harith working on writing letters.

Ummi gives Diha few bowl with rice and spoon for her to play scoop. This distract her enough for her brother to finish their work. I usually let them do workbook for about 15-20minutes tops, then they will do something else like snacks, reading, iqra and physical activities like playing. Playing yang banyak sebenarnye. No craft activities at the moment.

Overall I find that mostly the syllabus is the same, only the way they introduce it and emphasizing it is interesting . Agama learning will have to come from me. So i am working on thats syllabus jugak. Good luck to me. Bismillah...

Wish me luck.


  1. All d best in yr new endeavour...hope Almighty will ease every single embarked steps in d new environment

  2. School season in Canada memang starts in September? or only for your children?. Anyway, all the best Adlin! you can do it..InshaALLAH.

  3. Ha ah , school start 9 septembe. Kat sini. Thank you nany. :)

  4. Doctor + housewife + ustazah
    Kipidap ain