Friday, August 21, 2015

Japan trip 2

.15 Feb 2015
Waking up to a very heavy snowy morning, while our guide are upset with the snowy weather we are rather excited experiencing snow fall.

Us after breakfast playing in the snow next to our hotel. 

Hi hi happy girl.

Today is again filled with many snow activities at the park, the kids love it. Our guide took us hiking in the snow with a special snow hiking boots. To the park.

The picture failed to capture the beautiful scenery of the snowfilled mountains ahead.

My snow hiking boots.

We also had picnic at the park inside an igloo in the snowpark, then afterwards we went to learn skiing.

Harith on the snow bike.

Posing dengan penuh semangat. With our skiing gear. At this point thinking senang je kot, lepas ni bole skii from high up the mountain. Fat chance, susah giler weiii!!!

Takde gaya.

Ni baru ade gaya walaupon x gerak.

Abis main snow we went to kolam air panas. Rendam kaki je.

At night is just rest time, hot bubble bath and halal dinner prepared specially for us at the hotel.

Ye, makanan ini adalah sebenarnye makanan asal tradisi di nipon. Tu yang kite makan

16 Feb 2015
Going back to tokyo today, uuuu that is sad. But first we are gonna go around nagano.

Family post outside hotel.

We went to see the winter olympic place in 1998. 

The ski jumping area.

Behind is the long slide for the ski jump, and it is sooooooooo gayat.

We took a ride on a cable car to the top of nagano mountains, the views from the viewing point is breathtaking. 

The reason why we all look like that is because of the sunlight right across. So cringe!!!

We had special japan traditional lunch at one of the local restaurant.

Then we went and see the wasabi farm. 

Thats how a wasabi plant looks like.

Back to tokyo by train.

17/18/19 Feb 2015.

The rest of our trip is spent going around tokyo metropolis. We went to tomica factory, tokyo tower, boat cruise around the city and shopping.

Tokyo tower. Weeeeee

The city from our viewing point.

Us lining up to be on the boat cruise.

Us inside the boat.

At tomica factory choosing for car parts to be assembled.

Going around town at night.

20 Feb 2015

Heading home today. It was a beautiful trip. Loving japan. ( better cut it short, this pose is long overdue). Will add on more photo's of japan later.


  1. Konniiichiwaaa!!!!
    Adlin!! finally, update pun blog. kat Toronto eh? keep updated la life kat sane pulak with the kiddos. Take care

  2. Ye dah sampai sini about 2w, insyaAllah will update byk sgt kena update 😄

  3. Ye dah sampai sini about 2w, insyaAllah will update byk sgt kena update 😄

  4. Ye dah sampai sini about 2w, insyaAllah will update byk sgt kena update 😄