Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Zuhayr goes to montessori

Zuhayr has been in pre-school for about a month now. He went to a Montessori kindergarten, my favorite education system for kids. On his first day Ummi has a bit of palpitation, but suprisingly he adjusted well by the 3rd day, soon he is waving me happily after I drop him off and soon enough he ask to go to school on a school bus( which he quickly corrected me, school van!!)

Uyay at the school entrace ready for school.

Upstairs is his class a very spacious and well aerated space. 

Rows and rows of montessori developmental toys.

Here is uyay working on the famous pink tower.

Look at that proud face. Basically this is what they do at class, everyone will work on a lesson on their own mat, the teacher will go around helping and giving guidance.

Then they fold their own mat and kept it for circle time, then they have art and care of self activities, I knew uyay love his school , everyday he will come home excited and happy.

Thats what snack time looks like. (Friday is free dress day)

Thats his first day on the school van, excited and nervous.

In the afternoon ummi and diha will be waiting for abang uyay downstairs.

My view of my little darling arriving home from school in his school van.

And back to my arm. 

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