Friday, September 2, 2016

Dari Lovester Story to Lobster Story.

On our 10th year wedding anniversary we decided to try the Local Red Lobster Family dining place that is very famous with its Lobster dish.

So we ordered few dishes and enjoyed the meal and the family time. 

Diha well groomed table manners hehehehe.

My yummy seafood platters. 

My kids beig kids are non-food fan. They eat and finish food because they have too. But surprisingly Zuhayr enjoys lobster sooo much that he asked us for another set. 

So we ordered takewaya for him eat at home the next day. He really loved them and ask if we can go eat lobster again.

So abah got a set of really large high quality lobster fresh from nova scotia.

Ummi pon ask around googling and youbtubing around and turned into a lobster expert. Hahahahahah. Since lobster cant be cooked dead, the meat became poisonous we boiled them right away that night. And freeze them up for cooking the next day.

Tada, I grilled the lobster and using compound butter for seasoning.

Zuhayr enjoys them so much and ate 3 piece or 1 half of the giant lobster. This is x3 big compare to the first one he ate.

Sekian our lovester lobster story. 

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  1. Aaaa...never know that lobster's meat can become poisonous if we cook em dead. Jakun sat. Kalau aku pun garu kepala jugak la camen nak kasi lobster ni turned out jadi makanan yang sedap dan selamat. Nasib boleh google ajer kan. Hehhe..Anyways..Happy anniversary Adlin! Semoga berbahagia selalu hingga ke Syurga. InshaALLAH... :)