Sunday, September 25, 2016

Grape Picking

I love fruit picking. It is just so wonderfull to be able to eat freshly picked fruits.  Last saturday we went to grape picking with our friends.

What a glorious day canada!!!!

Somebody who is sooooo happy today.

Harith ready to pick a whole bushels of grape.

Grape farm behind me.

Madiha picking with her bestfriends.

The boyzzz

Bushels of grapes it cost cad20 per bushels.

Mine. Nak buat ape bebanyak ni ye.

Then we head out for picnic at bayfront park near the picking place. Awesome place. Love it.

What a beauty.

Great place even greater food. 

Group pics.

The ladies by the lake. Lepas makan kenyang kenyang kite jalan.

Then play some balls.

On sunday i went on and process my whole bushels of grape. Making them into jam and juice.


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