Monday, July 2, 2012

Chocolate cake ibu

The best thing about this recipe is how it does not have any fancy ingredients and yet taste so rich. The chocolate icing is made from scratch and not from some fancy melted chocolate bar. When we were small ibu made them all the time, we always bring them for classes party, and it always became the most favorite dish at the party. Therefor till now, even though it might not be the best chocolate desert in the world, it brings me such joy everytime i eat them, might be due to its nostalgic and sentimental value. For my ex primary school friends and ex secondary school friends you might miss them as much. :).

Cake ingredients

4 oz butter
5 oz caster sugar
3 eggs
5 oz plain flour
1 oz cocoa( i prefer van houten)
3 level teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Chocholate Icing ingredients

3 oz butter
1 oz cocoa
2 oz icing sugar
4 tablespoon evaporated milk ( susu cair tin, eg susu ideal)

1) preheat oven 180c
2) whisk butter, sugar , vanilla untill fluffy, add in eggs one by one
3) sift flour, cocoa and baking powder
4) fold in the dry ingredient to the wet ingredients.
5) bake for 55 minutes 180c
6) for the icing, using double boiling method add in all the ingredient and stirr ( keep stirring non stop) untill the ingredients becomes like hot melted chocolate, make sure you cook them in very low heat or the butter will turn runny and gets separated from chocholate and sugar.
7) pour the chocolate mix on the cake, or if you like you can split the cake in two and spread the chocolate icing in between the cake as well.

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