Monday, July 16, 2012

Teach your child to be organize

As parents , it is very important to be mindful of values you are teaching them ( actually we taught them more by the things we do rather than the things we said aka bebel) For eg if we read a lot, our child will end up reading as well, if we are always neat they will be too) I am not saying that i am super neat and organize though just always reminds myself to be one for the sake of showing my children a good example, which I always at time failed miserably when I am too tired to tidy up haha!!. Today Harith's is doing his painting and he take great pride in organizing the painting place himself, but something that make ummi suddenly swell with pride today, ( kembang kempis hidung :D ) is how he neatly organize the color tubes next to the color at his painting palate. This actually shows how organize he is and that is a good feedback for ummi and great motivation to improve myself , be more rajin , for the sake of showing my kids good value. Good luck to me.

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