Saturday, May 4, 2013

Harith 3D beach

Harith told me he wanted to do a beach. In my head maybe he will draw them, paint them, or do paper collage that he usually do. But then he start to construct the paper one horizontally and one vertically. He told the plan then its occur to me he wants to do a 3D version. I help him with helping the paper to stand and he start doing all those things he imagine a beach has. Honestly I am so amazed with his project,
I ask him where did you learn to do this Harith. And he says ' i think them in my head' . . The beach is breathtaking .

Preparing the paper

Constructing the horizontal and vertical portion 

Harith is in concerntration, he does this all by himself and thinking bout the things associated with the beach such as umbrella. coconut tree, boats.

Finish product and a happy and proud boy.

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